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Introduction: Bluetooth Call Notifier

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I was browsing instructables news feed some days ago when i came across this Project.

It was a cool project. But i thought Why not build it with a Bluetooth instead of complicated wifi stuff.

Specification of this Bluetooth Call Notifier

  1. Glows green on Incoming Call.
  2. Its easy to make
  3. works on Bluetooth, therefore phone can be charging while a call comes we wont miss to notice it .
  4. Color can be changed on will
  5. Glows red on Missed call

What motivated Me to make this

Basically when i work i keep my phone silent most time to avoid distraction , but since it silent i don't notice the calls that i missed,some of them are after seeing the project i was inspired to make one for me but better and cheap.

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Step 1: Lets Collect the Parts We Need at First

The first list is of the electronics component and second for the craft.

Second List for the case.

  • Art paper (I used black ).(buy it from a local store)
  • Xacto Knife/Hobby Knife
  • A logo to used i download it from a store

Step 2: Electronics

The Circuit Diagram is very simple to understand.

The Bluetooth module serially communicates with the arduino and then tells it what is the data received.

For a incoming call we receive 'C'

For a missed call we receive 'M'

According to the data received the arduino fades the green and red lights.

The RGB can be changed with a red and green led also.

Note:I used Common cathode RGB so the program given here needs slight changes if you use common cathode and before burining the program make sure the arduino's rx and tx are disconnected from the bluetooths ones.

Step 3: Installing the App

Download the app from this link.

Steps to Install the App.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to security
  3. Turn on Unknown Sources.
  4. Click on the file.

How to use the App.

  1. Click On Connect Button.
  2. Choose the HC-05 Module.
  3. Enjoy the Show :P

Step 4: Creating the Case

  1. I started by drawing a template on the Art paper.i selected 50mm square cube for the job.
  2. I made the cube with downside hollow.
  3. Then using a Xacto Knife i cut the template.
  4. then i joined all the side except the top layer
  5. I drew the clip-art i downloaded on the top layer.
  6. Again Using the Xacto knife i cut the Clip-Art
  7. Then i take a tracing paper and trace the template all on it.
  8. I cut the tracing paper and paste it to top side from inside.
  9. Lastly i joined the last surface and complete the Cube

Step 5: The Last Step

Simply Put the case over the LED And enjoy.

Future Up gradation.

I am Trying to bring A priority mode. And Making it in a Compact space.
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Check the video



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    Please make a Android app which send all notifications to Arduino on a lcd with Bluetooth.....


    Can you also make the notifier to display who is calling and a text on a screen?

    Can you release the AIA source code, please?

    i am facing trouble in code. the notifier showing both of lights at a time, if we missed a call the red led starts to fade but green led remains also on.

    help me to fix this problem

    2 replies

    you had some connections issues

    all the connections are formed as per your instruction for 3 times but facing same problem

    just to clarify did you use common cathode rgb? or common anode? what are the changes to be made in code? thank you! :)

    6 replies

    Hi Paolo I am using RGB common anode for this build, but if you are using common cathode u need to alter the code by LOW to HIGH and vise versa

    but it is ok to use other types of bluetooth module right?

    Ya U can use hc-06 also as the project is using only slave mode .
    Is there any thing more PaoloC12

    all good.thank you very much for the information and for your time

    Mention not,
    I hope you build up our own Soon .

    thank you very much for the fast response :) nice project.

    Is it possible to have a notification when messeage is recieved on facebook or facebook messenger? And tweet from twitter maybe? But anyways nice instructible Thanks you very much? :)

    1 reply

    ya it can be made so, Since i am not a pro in android i didn't go for the other notifications but it is possible

    omg wat a simple thought can be mold into some cool stuffs..#proud to be a frnd with u.:) :)

    Great Project. I had created a bluetooth based missed call notifier a couple of years back -

    Unfortunately, it relied on Tasker, S4LA, Python and Arduino. Somewhere along the years, it stopped working and I've been unable to get it to work with bluetooth again. My main problem was that Tasker does not have a plugin for Bluetooth Serial - and my Android programming skills are near non-existent.

    It's great that you have created an app for this. Would it possible for you to share the source code. Also, if you're up to the task, creating a tasker plugin for Bluetooth Serial would be extremely helpful. :-)

    1 reply

    Thanks a Lot Sir,
    I have been motivated by your tiny teddy miss call notifier .