Bluetooth Control Robot





Introduction: Bluetooth Control Robot

This is very easy to make and cheap robot you can get all the component on amazon and the app and sketch from playstore

Step 1: Component Needed

1.) 2 DC Geared Motors +Wheels (Bought it from amazon Rs.190)

2.)Chasis (From Amazon Rs.115)

3.)L293D IC Based DC Motor Control Board ( Amazon Rs.100)

4.) Caster Wheel (Amazon Rs.85)

5.)Battery bank (As per your power requirement I used 11000Ah cause i want to play more)(From flipkart Rs 650)

6.)Arduino UNO Board( You can use any board .I used Arduino Uno ) (From Amazon Rs 450)

7.)HC 05 Bluetooth Module(Amazon Rs.190)

8.)Jumper Wires Soldering Iron

9.) Arduino Bluetooth Control App from playstore (Because it is free and the amker also provide link to download the sketch which will work with the app. I have also uploaded the sketch with this instructable,Its just a modified version of the original sketch

Step 2: Connection

1.)Connect motor and caster wheel with the chasis

2.)Solder the jumper wires with motor (just take care of the polarity)

3.)Connect the motors to the motor control board (you will recognize automatically when you see the board its easy)

4.)Make a USB connector to give main supply to the board (Just cut you spare USB cables ,take care of the polarity)

5.)Now connect Motor control Board to arduino Uno (Refer the Pic)

Arduino Board

A1 -- 4

A2 -- 5

B1 -- 6

B2 -- 7



You can use other pins also accordingly you have to change the Sketch

6.)Connect Bluetooth Modue HC 05 to Arduino (Refer the Pic) (Do these connection after uploding sketch only or the sketch will not upload)

HC 05 Arduino



VCC 3.3V


Step 3: Sketch and Other Details

1.)Upload the sketch to the board

2.)Download arduino bluetooth control on your mobile

Now In the app

Device 1 ON Motor 1 FWD

Device 2 ON Motor 1 Backward

Device 3 ON Motor 2 Fwd

Device 4 ON Motor 2 Backward

So for Fwd Movement Device 1 and 3 ON Other OFF

For Backward Movement Device 2 and 4 ON Other OFF

Like wise left and right

This is the best free app i got on play store and since Am not an app developer i am just using it

you can search for more apps or can modify the sketch for better control

In the next Instructable i will tell you how to connect the robot to internet so that you can control it from anywhere (Thats why i haven't done much research on Bluetooth app and sketch)

Video for internet controlled robot controlled via website (Will upload the instructions shortly)



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    does this work with IOS and iPhones

    The app I used is for Android only. However you can get similar app on iOS also

    However if you want to control it via internet then yes it works on iOS also as control will be from a webpge

    can i got ur program.

    program is already attached with this instructable

    Can you send me the link for arduino programming

    sketch is with this instructable

    Can use 12 volts battery with gear motor

    can you send me the link of arduino programming

    the motors i have used are rated for 9v only .If you want to use 12 V battery then use a voltage regulator IC 7809 to step down the voltage to 9v then supply to motor or use 12V rated motors

    Arduino Uno can be powered with 12 V so there is no problem . if you are using other board like nano or pro mini then with 12 V battery use IC 7805 for 5v step down