Picture of Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Scrapboat
I've been planning to make an RC boat to roam the waterways that are present in my apartment complex for a long time. But one hickup or another kept holding me back. Most of the time, it was lack of required materials or time. Even this time, my soldering iron committed suicide under mysterious circumstances just before I started making this. But I put my foot down and decided to make it without soldering and using just jumpers, insulation tape and lots of double sided tape. So i present to you the SS Scrap v1.1
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Step 1: Parts Required

For this project I used whatever I had lying around the house so you can improvise as required.
1 X Arduino Deumilanove
1 X Bluesmirf gold BT module
1 X Micro servo from sparkfun
1 X Random Motor from old toy plane with prop
1 X 25V 1000uF cap (Can use any value cap, through trial and error, just had this lying around and it worked for me)
1 X Roll of insulation tape
1 X Roll of double sided tape
Lots of single strand wires
4 pin connector for Bluesmirf
Rectangular plastic box
9V battery
2AA batteries
1 X Android phone with Blueterm installed
ohoilett3 months ago

Cool Instructable. Do you have a video by chance?