This instructable is my first so don't be too hard on me. Anways this instructable will be based on an arduino, hc-06 bluetooth module and an android phone. You may have seen something similar to what I have just explained and in fact this actually isn't an original project.

I used all sorts of ideas from ASCAS, Jrbedard, Bigdog1971, and NamedJohnny. I combined all of their BB8 or rover projects into one while also adding a few modifications of my own both in the hardware and the software. You can also check out their tutorials if you want to, but I guarantee you mine is both the cheapest and the easiest to build (unless you already own a 3d printer - in that case us Jrbedards tutorial).

All that put aside, there is just one more thing before we get to building. The way I have built this project allows you to unlock your imagination and maker skills to build something besides what I have shown you. In fact that is the reason BB8 is in parentheses in the title - "Bluetooth controlled rover (BB8)"- It is because you don't need to build a BB8. I have divided this project into two halves. The electronics and the BB8. Use the electronics, but use your imagination to create something besides a BB8. The power to do whatever you want with this project is in your hands.

Before that gets too deep, lets actually start. So... cue the materials!

Once more thing before we cue the materials. You will probably see, throughout this instructable a lot of "if you need extra help, look at this" or "if you aren't experienced, look at this". Don't worry about this, I'm not saying you can't do it. I just added all of those extras because when I was looking over my own instructable none of it made sense to me, which is why I added everything.

Step 1: The Materials

So as I mentioned above, the project is divided up into two parts, so in coordination with that the materials will be divided up the same way. Also as I mentioned, what you do with the materials (especially the BB8 part) is up to you.


I have hyperlinked all the materials listed above. Wires should come with the bluetooth module and motors (which are the only things needed for connection, but if not use the link for wires that I had provided.



Tools: (I haven't hyperlinked any of these as most of you probably have these items - if you don't have these items its a pretty easy task getting your hands these items anyhow)

  • Soldering iron*
  • Screwdriver**
  • Nuts and bolts**
  • Glue*

*Necessary for the build

**Not entirely necessary but good to have

***Only necessary if your are building the BB8 part with me

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