A good project for studying arduino and bluetooth management

Step 1: Materials:

- arduino Uno

- 2 servos

- PVC plastic

- stationery gum

- bluetooth module hc-05

And so on

Step 2: Design

Simple but at the same time reliable design

As arrows I used bamboo sticks and toothpicks

Step 3: Trigger

The elastic band is stretched on the part of the crossbow with the servo drive and when the servo moves, the trigger mechanism

Step 4: Circuit and Sketch

Powered by arduino. Pins control the servo to connect to 9.10 pins. Bluetooth module to connect Tx-Rx Rx-Tx

you need to give better explanation and stop posting from phone try to write more anyways you did not tell how ro make arrow though it<br>is easy to make also write about pins (which pin will go in which) cuz most beginners love it<br>anyways really well done<br>
<p>I understand you, I will be corrected thanks for the comment</p>

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