Picture of Bluetooth Glove: Talk to the Hand!
This shows how I took apart a bluetooth headset and sewed it into a glove, so that I can talk on the phone just by holding my hand up to my head as if I were pretending to talk on the phone!  But I really am!  Yeah I'm a huge dork, but this is seriously fun to do...

I only used a very basic set of tools for this - soldering iron, scissors, needle and thread, wire cutters, and my trusty Leatherman.

Step 1: Disassemble the headset

Picture of Disassemble the headset
Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the headset before I cracked it open and dug out the guts.  It was just snapped together, though, and I was easily able to open it by twisting gently with the blade of a knife stuffed into one of the side joins.  What I wanted was the main board, so I could get access to the bits I wanted to extend:
  • the single button
  • the speaker
  • the microphone
  • the charging jack
In the photo, the button is on the other side of the board so it is not visible.
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You can buy these, http://www.thesource.ca/estore/product.aspx?language=en-CA&catalog=Online&category=bluetooth_accessories&product=8012419
irondennis1 year ago
which wire/cables do i need to extend?
bertwert1 year ago
ty1234563 years ago
Does anybody think you can take apart a bluetooth headset and add it to a hat. I would like to add it to a snapback, not a beanie though.
ianjthor3 years ago
I did a similar build for Halloween. I was inspector gadget and wanted the full effect of the gadget phone. I had the microphone in the pinky and the earpiece in the thum. I added a pull-out fake antennae for looks. (The other glove had the gadget light/uv/laser pointer in the finger.) The only problem I had was my soldering was garbage so it broke after the first wear. I should have used hot glue to make it stronger. Very cool build, I'm glad that someone shared this idea.
atuck3 years ago
This would be epic as an Inspector Gadget prop.
Someday this shall be one of my projects. Good job. ^-^
Awesome!!!!! :D this is so cool! once i get a phone, im going to do this!
This is soooo original!

yea thats the original + its better jk. they are both good
mischka4 years ago
Love it!
Maxwell Smart would have scoffed at this. How would that look- talking into your glove? Ha! Ridiculous Chief!
I want one :)
kutz4 years ago
I think it would be a great idea for any type of glove, (if you have the skill to put it together correctly), ill try it out maybe with my pair for skiing :D
chicopluma4 years ago
hahahaha awsome
Girls Inc4 years ago
oh thats cool ima try it
valhalla0764 years ago
All I have to say is "Go Go Gadget Phone!"

I love it!
kooth4 years ago
This is so cool! Well done! I have a sister who sews very well, and I'm going to ask her to help me work on this! Good job!
keukleton4 years ago
I've been considering making an Inspector Gadget phone glove, this Instructable is perfect! Thank you!
Surrey-Yeti4 years ago
WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brilliant idea, conception and execution
cpw804 years ago
Hmmm the blonde is the video was cute :o) nice idea btw, looks like it could be fun for some practical jokes!!!!
megg4 years ago
well done, love it! :)
mslaynie4 years ago
This is TOO ADORABLE!! Then again, so are you, so it only makes sense. But omg, how CUTE!! It's absolutely insane, and I love it!
blanchae4 years ago
I've shown this to quite a few people and everyone loves it. Rachel, you are simply brilliant! And you have character...
Aerospaced4 years ago
Don't take this the wrong way but, your pic looks as if you just stepped out of Whoville. Great ible too. Guess it's a race to the thrift to get a proper shoe to do the "Get Smart" phone. Amazed no one has done it yet, really.
rachel (author)  Aerospaced4 years ago
How did you know that I've tried for years to have all my outfits look like I was drawn by Dr Seuss? Yay it's working!

(and about that shoe phone idea...)
OH! What a great idea!! and I know several who would LOVE to have a bluetooth edition of Maxwell's shoephone. That would be so hilarious!
ahh they have. many times - I made one years ago (did not last long in the shoe NOTE use THICK soled shoes especially if your heavy of just walking will kill it :-)
paulthenewt4 years ago
Love the idea. Am going to give this a try possibly using leather fingerless mitts. Will let you know how it goes including photos of it in use. Great instructable :)
rachel (author)  paulthenewt4 years ago
Post pics by all means! I'd love to see your version.
Kasm2794 years ago
This is great, almost as great as the banana headset!
sdttn4 years ago

You should add an undercoat insde of the glove for protect circuit
It will be more comfortable,

blanchae4 years ago
Excellent! I teach telecommunications at a post secondary institute and I showed my students - they loved it! Great idea!
BlkDragon964 years ago
I'm serious when I say: It's a shame using this would make one look bat-shit crazy.
rachel (author)  BlkDragon964 years ago
INORITE! Although actually that's kinda the point.
hvansick rachel4 years ago
At least twice as crazy as the people who walk around with bluetooth headsets you can't see and look like they're just talking to themselves. ;)
Right!! At least this one looks like one has made the effort to put a phone up to their ear. It reminds me of the retro phone bluetooth sets on ThinkGeek.com, in that the person has to put it up to their ear, rather then just be walking around "talking to themselves" with a blue strobe light flashing in their other ear.
The crazier thing is that his hand position is EXACTLY the way "telephone" is signed in American Sign Language... so for me, being deaf, it seemed rich in irony. I watched the video and couldn't hear when his phone rang..... just saw him answer the phone.
Looking crazy is kind of THE POINT :-) hehe

its to make a statement to make people go Huhhh ?!?!?!?

Wake them up. Give them something to think about wonder about groan about smile about :-)

Ever better if it actual ice breaks and you can then say Here wanna talk :-) hehe I am SO going to build one of these !!
yngla4 years ago
Can´t stop laughing... Reminds me of a series from my childhood with trolls talking to each others using their hands just like your picture. This was pre-cellphone era and a classic!
kidNeutrino4 years ago
FFFFF"IN FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing!
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