How to turn an airsoft handgun and a bluetooth headset into a fun, fully functional handset for your iPhone. Pull the trigger to receive calls and to, um, end them. Listen through the barrel, and talk into the grip.

I think everyone has made the thumb and forefinger gun-to-the-head sign when someone unpleasant shows up on their caller ID. Eli and I thought it would be fun to make an actual gun handset, and it turned out to be surprisingly straightforward. No glue or powertools were required.

Even though it's not very practical, there's something so satisfying about ending a call with this handset. Pow.

Naturally, this handset works with any cell phone. You just feel like pulling the trigger more if you own an iPhone.

Step 1: Materials and Gun Disassembly

1 x Jabra BT250v bluetooth headset
1 x HFC Walther P99 look-alike airsoft gun
1 x hammer
1 x pliers
1 x Philips-head screwdriver
1 x Mana Energy Potion (that's to keep you awake)

First, disassemble the gun fully by placing the tip of the screwdriver on the pin above the trigger (not the pin connected to the safety) and tapping it out enough that you can pull it the rest of the way out with the pliers. Tap out the rest of the pins, slide the slide back, remove the faux-striker pin cover, and slip off the top half of the gun. The gun basically falls apart after that.
No Guns. Guns kill people:(
<p>I live in a Town where a cop shot a 13 year old holding a toy gun. Pardon me if I find this to be a bad idea. Have you not been watching the news in this past year. This might have been cute or ironic or edgy a while ago. That ship sailed. I'm not trying to be &quot;not nice&quot;. I am so shocked to see this I had to say something. I've been watching this site for years and this is the first time I needed to say something</p>
Sad, In so many ways.
<p>guys see my instructable the gun headset</p>
<p>This is such a bad idea! Extremely disturbing, dangerous if used in public (feeling like getting shot by police? Use this!) Not even remotely funny... the idea used in something else, yes... a gun? no.</p>
I can just imagine the panic of people when you pull that out. :D<br><br>*waits for someone to say &quot;That's what she said!&quot;*
<p>That's what she said!</p><p>sorry for the wait.</p>
A realy cool instruction
send me some free mana potions<br />
Now introducing, the iHate! The perfect headset for all you emos and goths out there! Unfortunately, it only comes in iWhite, so it won't work well with all the black; Steve sends his apologies. But at the low price of $949.99, it won't matter, you'll have to sell everything to buy it, which gives you all the more reason to use it! <br> <br>Nice 'Ible. I lol'd, but it totally rocks.
In SA you don't need an orange tip for Air Rifles and Air Pistols although if any are imported from America or China they come with an orange tip
One of my new favorites on this site. The humor is Shatnerian in proportion.
Aw mah gawd! I started crying when i saw this i was laughing so hard. Point the gun at some and be like &quot;here, it's for you&quot;. He's got a gun, TAKE HIM DOWN!!!!
Destiny's calling...
Best Iphone &quot;ible&quot; ever. period... <br> <br>Now can I have a free mana potion? :p
Looking over your tools list is more than adequate.<br>Hammer + iPhone = Problem solved.
God, I love comments like this. *****
This would be a PERFECT gift for the people in the nut-hut that is across the river from me! Just imagine what those nice people in their clean white coats would do!<br> <br> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnzHtm1jhL4">Napoleon XIV--&quot;They're Coming to Take Me Away! HA-HA!&quot;</a><br>
man nice going can you make it for a phone
it works for any phone that has bluetooth<br /> <br />
I work third shift in a call center where this would be freaking awesome!!!!&nbsp; Some calls really make you want to do that :)<br /> <br /> Awesome!!!<br />
Great !!!<br />
,--<sup>----------,--------,-----,-------</sup>--,<br/> | ||||||||| `--------' | O<br/> `+---------------------------<sup>----------|</sup><br/> `\_,-------, <span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span>_|<br/> / XXXXXX /`| /<br/> / XXXXXX / `\ /<br/> / XXXXXX /\<span class="underline"></span><span class="underline">(</span><br/> / XXXXXX /<br/> / XXXXXX /<br/> (<span class="underline"></span><span class="underline"></span>(<br/> `------'<br/>bang bang XD<br/>
Bad idea. White btw could be mistaken for matte stainless steel at a distance and the red tip is easily missed. Anyone can paint a gun. A police officer is going to have to react as if this was real, especially since it's something being held by an adult, who should know better. Pulling this thing out to use is going to look like drawing a gun. A person can draw a gun and fire it in under 1 second. A cop needs to make a lot of decisions in a very very short space of time when they see someone pull out a gun in a crowd. Bad bad bad idea
hmm yes, probably not the best public headset. But would be cool to have at home to freak out visitors. Maybe for Halloween too. : D
I think it would be fun to have hanging on your wall to pick up when you receive calls at home. Handsets are kind of clunky for mobile use anyway.
They can't shoot you if you aim at your head! xD
Agreed, yet maybe paint it stripped orange? haha
orange tip! orange tip!
I can pull out my gun in a second <_<
I think this would certainly raise some concerns for psychiatric assistance if an unknowing individual caught you pointing a gun at your head and mumbling to yourself :P The Canadian versions of Air Soft weapons, "Soft Air", are transparent with orange tips... unmistakable, but they still roughly represent real weapons in size and shape.
i think if he made a blue tooth dildo he may get a more positive response
Im guessing you love your mana potions from<a rel="nofollow" href="http://thinkgeek.com">ThinkGeek?</a><br/>
i noticed that too. what do they taste like?
I've never tried them.
apparently the health tastes like apple/cinnamon and the mana tastes citrusy
me either, they look gross X_x....
They are the Mana company.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.manapotions.com/">Check it out</a><br/>
Is there any way to use, say, a cap gun, perhaps?
Dude, that is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen. I am all for the right to carry arms but that thing is dangerous. A child who is around someone using that thing and then sees a real handgun<sub></sub> the consequences could be devastating.<br/>
seriously? comon... he painted it white and put a bright orange tip on it. noone would think its a real gun- not even a young kid. MABE if it was black it is possible but its like a joke lol not a brain blaster
the orange tip HAS to remain orange. anything that looks like a gun but isn't has to be either painted orange or have an orange tip. he painted the gun white because: A) to make it look less like a real gun and B) to make it look more Apple-like
A lot of people get confused on that. You don't need the orange tip. The only time you are required to have an orange tip is when you are selling it. You should still leave it on, especially if you're anywhere but private land.
that's true, but you could teach them that they should only touch the guns with an Orange colored tip. All toy guns,airsoft guns have one, and it's illegal to take it off or paint over it!
No, it's not. It's illegal to sell an airsoft gun without the orange paint. For anybody who plays with airsoft or realistic guns, though, it's best to leave the orange tip on. If you're going to take it off, find some way to slip it back on if you go into public. And you still need to keep it in a bag somewhere. Otherwise you can and will get shot.