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Introduction: Bluetooth SNES Controller for Android

So this is my first instructable...

A little over a year ago I was working on my ECE senior design project, which was a bluetooth SNES controller for Android.  Shortly after completing the project, I posted a working video on Youtube.  Since then I have received quite a few requests for more info or even a tutorial on how to make one.  I figured I had put it off long enough, and now I finally got a video together.

I apologize in advance for the sub-par production value (I'm no Ben Heck), it was literally my first exposure to iMovie, and I'm sure it shows.  It also is a bit on the long side at about 35 minutes, but I wanted it to be detailed enough that just about anybody would be able to build a controller.  Also, if the whiteboard discussion wasn't clear for you, don't can just use my arduino source code, I just thought it would be useful for those who are interested.

Here is the source code for the Arduino, along with my Easymote app from the tutorial (you won't find it on the market)
Arduino source:
Easymote apk:

Here is a video showing my battery operated controller along with playing some Donkey Kong and Zelda on my Touchpad, unfortunately my rechargeable controller was built for a contract and I no longer have it:

If you are looking to internalize the components I have done so with both AAA batteries and also with a rechargeable lith-ion battery from a nintendo DS.  For the lith-ion battery you will also need a charging circuit (look at, and for the 4xAAA battery method I also had to use a voltage regulator.  The lith-ion was 850mAh and lasted about 12 hours, the 4xAAA batteries make it over 30 hours.

Other parts:

Bluetooth module: MDFLY module -
OR BlueSMiRF module -

Microcontroller: if you have the UNO Dev board -
OR the mini pro -

SNES Controller: Either buy an original on Ebay or a knockoff for ~5 bucks online

Also some benefits to making this controller:
1) No need to root your phone/tablet to use the controller
2) Fairly portable in comparison to the wiimote with controller attachment 
3) Look like a BA while playing super mario




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    i'm new in electronics but this project interest me. I already have an arduino and the bluetoith module and other parts. but my problem is I don't understand where pin to connect the bluetooth module.

    For some reason easymote app is keeps giving me a stopped responding message. I assume this is because I am running 4.2 jelleybean as opposed to ice cream sandwich. Is there a fix or another program I can use to get my controller up and running as an input method. Thanks!

    Does it only work with android?

    Well the instructable works for android only, but I did also make a Windows app that showed it could work on a PC too.

    I'd be interested in the windows app as well. I have the bluetooth controller built and would love to be able to use this on PC as well as my Android device.

    Unfortunately I wasn't ever able to track down my visual studio project for the windows app, I remember it wasn't too difficult though. I just used the built in .NET bluetooth libraries to communicate with the controller, and had the controller button presses trigger keyboard events (much like we do for the android app), then in the emulator just make sure the keyboard keys correspond to the correct actions. I might have had to fiddle around with the meetandroid library for the arduino end too I can't really remember. Also, make sure the BAUD rate matches the 57.6k. If that is a path you decide to go down I could do my best to answer any questions you might have along the way.

    Do you have info posted for the windows app?

    Unfortunately I don't, but I might still have the Visual Studio project somewhere, if I find it I'll try and post it.