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Hello There!


I play alot of emulators on my android phone but using the touchcontrollers on the phone itself is horrible so I decided to make a Bluetooth controller I could use with my phone!

The reason I couldn't buy one ready made like the MSI one is because I got a Samsung galaxy S.
  The galaxy S has a Bluetooth stack that doesn't support devices like wiimotes or the MSI gamepad so this was the only way I knew
how to make a gamepad that would work and would be inexpensive.

Its not a pretty thing, but it has great battery time, can be used with pretty much any bluetooth device (computers, phones etc) and it works great :)

Keep in mind that I did not intend to post this at instructables at first, its a prototype and you are free to add to it and make it better.

The reason I didnt put the whole keyboard inside the controller is simple, it did not fit :P

Step 1: What we need

Picture of What we need
To make this Bluetooth gamepad we will need the following:

1.Bluetooth Keyboard, I bought mine at dealextreme: keyboard

2.SNES gamepad, I bought a rippoff from ebay for about $4

3.Lots of small wire
4.Cheap case for your phone


6.Soldering iron and basic skills (I suck at soldering and I did ok)

7.Glue Gun

Chaslasher6 months ago
hi i am new to the world of diy and was wondering if you can update this inatructable had trouble doing it my self thanks
Vega 0341 year ago

So, my question is could you cut off some of the unused keys from the keyboard so it will fit in the Snes controller?

Krayzi992 years ago
As far as I can tell, the keyboard could have been trimmed a little bit to fit the snes pad. great work, though.
Omensign3 years ago
Have you found any limitations on the number of keys that can be pressed at one time?
Hey, I just made one of these from a wired keyboard and a cheap old controller, and I'm pretty happy with the result :D thank you for the idea.
snelpiller (author)  florin_gtrst3 years ago
very cool! happy I could help :)
I'm sooo sorry to ruin this step by saying this...but THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!
Very good instructible and thank you for allowing me to have a bluetooth controller!
snelpiller (author)  PhoenixFlentge4 years ago
the title was begging for it ;) and you are very welcome!