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I play alot of emulators on my android phone but using the touchcontrollers on the phone itself is horrible so I decided to make a Bluetooth controller I could use with my phone!

The reason I couldn't buy one ready made like the MSI one is because I got a Samsung galaxy S.
  The galaxy S has a Bluetooth stack that doesn't support devices like wiimotes or the MSI gamepad so this was the only way I knew
how to make a gamepad that would work and would be inexpensive.

Its not a pretty thing, but it has great battery time, can be used with pretty much any bluetooth device (computers, phones etc) and it works great :)

Keep in mind that I did not intend to post this at instructables at first, its a prototype and you are free to add to it and make it better.

The reason I didnt put the whole keyboard inside the controller is simple, it did not fit :P

Step 1: What We Need

To make this Bluetooth gamepad we will need the following:

1.Bluetooth Keyboard, I bought mine at dealextreme: keyboard

2.SNES gamepad, I bought a rippoff from ebay for about $4

3.Lots of small wire
4.Cheap case for your phone


6.Soldering iron and basic skills (I suck at soldering and I did ok)

7.Glue Gun

hi i am new to the world of diy and was wondering if you can update this inatructable had trouble doing it my self thanks
<p>So, my question is could you cut off some of the unused keys from the keyboard so it will fit in the Snes controller? </p>
As far as I can tell, the keyboard could have been trimmed a little bit to fit the snes pad. great work, though.
Have you found any limitations on the number of keys that can be pressed at one time?
Hey, I just made one of these from a wired keyboard and a cheap old controller, and I'm pretty happy with the result :D thank you for the idea.
very cool! happy I could help :)
I'm sooo sorry to ruin this step by saying this...but THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!<br>Very good instructible and thank you for allowing me to have a bluetooth controller!
the title was begging for it ;) and you are very welcome!

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