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Hello people,

This is my first bluetooth speaker.
I uses a 2x50watt amp and a 6800 mah litium ion batterypack.
The speakers are 2 50watt car speakers.

I hope you like it :)


Battery :

Speakers: MTX RTC502

Feedback is always welcome. Maybe some ideas, i am currently building my second speaker.
My second speaker is done! Check it out :)


plastefuchs (author)2016-11-23

Hi, could you please name the amplifier you used (TDA7492?) and show how you installed the batterypack? What circuit do you use to charge it?


lutkeveld (author)2016-11-10

Looks nice man. Don't port your car speakers however, they're better suited for sealed enclosures (like car doors :))

Swansong (author)2016-11-10

This looks really nice :) Did you take any progress photos when you were making it?

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