Step 4: Connect to PI dektop

(for VNC users)
once the PI is restarted and VNC server running you need to pair your device.

connect to the VNCserver using VNC viewer that can be download from here

onnect the vnc server with <<you PI's IP address>>:0  eg:

enter your password

(if you have a monitor hooked up start from here)

now you should be able to see your desktop, on the bottom right corner near the time display you should be able to see a bluetooth icon, right-click on it and select devices. you should now see an empty list if nothing has been added.

click on the search button to find new devices.

new devices should show up in the table below.

right-click on the device and click on pair to pair the devices

enter a pin and pair them

once paired right click on the paired device and mark them as "trust" this ll make this device trusted.once the device is in the trusted list a golden star will be visible on the device.

now you can close your vnc server ( not needed if you have your monitor hooked up) and run vncserver -kill :0 on the SSH

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