Bluetooth WS2811 Controller with Windows Phone and MSP430G2 Launchpad

Look at the video, then you see what you get here.

Against the hype of Android and Arduino my project is based on Windows Phone 8 and a microcontroller from Texas Instruments.

I have nothing against a fringe group, and I'm so happy about this :-)

Should you find any errors, feel free to correct me!

I've upload the new Version to the Windows Store. It's called: Spektrum

also i've uploaded the µC Code, please use spektrum.ino in step 6

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Step 1: Accessories required

For this project you will need:

1. Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 (Mine is a Samsung Ativ-S with WP8.1 Preview for Developers installed)

2. Texas Instruments Launchpad MSP430G2553 V1.5 (ordered cheap & directly from TI)

3. Wireless Serial 4 Pin Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module HC-06 RS232 with backplane (from

4. some arduino breadboard wires

5. some WS2811 or WS2812b LEDs on strip, i used 10 LEDs for development

6. some Software, you can download it for free (explained later)

7. A Hyper-V capable Computer (Intel Core i3 or higher)

Otherwise the Windows Phone emulators does not work.
Debuggin or developing directly on the device is still possible!

Step 2: Windows Phone SDK 8.0 + Coding4FunToolkit

Picture of Windows Phone SDK 8.0 + Coding4FunToolkit
install c4f controls.jpg
c4f solution explorer.jpg

I use Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 because the newest version does not yet support the Coding4Fun Toolkit.

Download Visual Studio Express 2012

After the software has been installed, a manual update for the nuget package manager must be done.

The Color Picker used in my App is from Coding4Fun, more info here:

Download Coding4Fun Toolkit

Install it as follows:

Note: Nuget packages must be added separately for each project, open the Menu 'Tools' / 'Nuget Package Manager' / 'Manage Nuget Packages for Solution and search for "coding4fun".

In the search results select: "Coding4Fun Toolkit - Controls" and click 'Install'

If everything was successful, the solution explorer shows the corresponding entries for this solution.

Here I had to conclude that it still did not work with Visual Studio 2013.

Step 3: Register your phone for development for Windows Phone 8

The outstanding article from Microsoft is nothing to add:

register your phone for development

StefanWxx (author) 8 months ago

Feel free to correct me!

Could you upload the Windows Phone app to the Store? Cuz I'm not able/I don't know how to put it in my Lumia. Thanks.

StefanWxx (author)  ismael953 months ago

sorry for my late answer:

I've made some updates, windows app is now available:

and use µC Code from step 6