This was a 2 hour project I whipped up in order to learn how to use a new Bluetooth LE 4.0 module I picked up at redbearlab.com, called a BLE Mini.

I've since thought of several much simpler ways (and more dependable) to accomplish the same thing, such as simply lighting 3 LEDs behind weather icon cut-out masks instead of the whole servo thing... but again, I wanted to learn to run the servo too. So there it is.

Step 1: The Dirty Bits

Before we dig in, a parts list, for those who like lists:

1. One Arduino "Whatever" (Uno, Mega, Leonardo, Lovitz, etc).
2. One small bread board (included in above kit)
3. One BLE Mini Bluetooth module from redbearlab.com
4. One Philips 12 volt 3 watt LED porcelain bulb
5. One small servo
6. One 12 volt power supply (at least 1 amp)
6. One lamp with shade
7. Assorted: aluminum sheet (soda can), wire, cardboard, tape, blade/scissors, zip ties

8. Lastly, you'll need an iPhone and an Apple developer account, or some other method of communicating with the Bluetooth module.

Red Bear Lab has an example app on the app store called "BLE Arduino". You can control the servo from here, but you'll likely want to modify and build your own version of the code which pulls in weather for your area. If this is too much to take on for some, I totally understand. You can just as well turn this project into a clever shadow clock or other indicator (insert imagination here).

I'd release the app I've modified onto the app store, but honestly, I'm afraid it would get poor reviews. ;)
<p>Very cool. Interested in doing a project with the BLE Mini as well - where did you find the sample iOS programs for the BLE Mini? I'm having some trouble finding it</p>
Cool project! <br> <br>I was wanting to replicate this, but am having trouble trying to sync weather with the BLE app for iPhone. Could you provide any help? <br> <br>Also, you mentioned: <br>&quot;The Arduino program (pasted at end of Instructable) is always listening to the Bluetooth module.&quot; <br>Is there anyway you can post your Arduino code? I'm hitting a wall trying to get mine to work. Thank you :)
I get the title! :D <br>cool project! My BLEMini is due on my doorstep for next Wednesday and I'm gonna make this as my first project. Only quirk being I'll be using Android (luckily, I'll be getting an Android 4.3 almost magically and it supports BLE).
This perfectly illustrates the problem I have finding a use for my Arduino. That BLE module is $35. Combine that with the cost of the Arduino and the fact that you need an iOS device... I just end up doing all my projects with a RaspberryPi and a normal $6 USB dongle. It's capability is way overkill, but it's so much cheaper to use commodity hardware.
Thanks for the info. I think I might get one of those Bluetooth devices for a project I'm working on. Thanks for posting!
Good idea this is awesome

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