Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot Arm





Introduction: Bluetooth Controlled Arduino Robot Arm

I finally added bluetooth capability to my arduino robot arm. I did that using the HC-06 bluetooth module.

Step 1: Requirements

-Arduino 6-dof robot arm

-arduino uno or due

-SSC-32 servo shield

-HC-06 bluetooth module

I am not going to explain the robot arm setup, the different boards and modules that i have used and the powering of the system, because i already did that in previous tutorials that you can find here:

Introduction to SSC-32

Powering options

SSC-32 baud rate

Controlling servos with SSC-32

Controlling SSC-32 with lynx terminal

Arduino Robot arm setup

HC-06 bluetooth module

Step 2: Video

You can watch the video on this link bluetooth controlled robot arm



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would I be able to make this voice activated and program a set of pre programmed voice commands and or protocols into it? if so where would I start and how should I go about it?

hello yhtomitsy, I can't access

Nice one. I like the way it look.... :D

Cool job! I really appreciate it! I want to learn more set ups about the bluetooth module, while the link is not available now. Could you update it? :D

Nice one. Thanks for sharing a lot.

Wow!Your robot is great.But could a robot arm be controlled by more ways,not just by bluetooth?I would be more excited if someone can show me a robot arm with many control mode.

this project needs a kit using which any one can make the model. its easy to build but good.

That's definitely interesting. Would it be possible to make this arm run from a cellphone using accelerometer or IMU if available for the control of arm motion?