Hi!.. Today I am going to tell you another way to wear you Bluetooth Device.

I bought a Samsung Bluetooth and in some days the hook was broken into many pieces so that i am unable to wear it. But after a time i thing about a rubber band.

So, I will tell you the way to wear you old Bluetooth. This way is called "Jugaad" in Indian language.

Let's Start!.....

Step 1: Waste Items

These Items are wastes.

Step 2: Required

We Required two things first our Bluetooth and second a Rubber Band(large as your ears).

First let's discuss about Rubber Band.

Question :- What is Rubber Band????

Answer :- A rubber band, also known as a binder, elastic band, lackey band, laggy band, or elastic, is a short length of rubber and latex, elastic in nature and formed in the shape of a circle which is commonly used to hold multiple objects together.

Now take a rubber band and turn around the cavity or where your Bluetooth Hook was placed.

Were It... ;)

Step 3: Done

Job Done!!!

Enjoy with your Bluetooth Again!

And tell me who is more comfortable.

<p>Nice, cheap hack. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>thanks for your concern.. </p>
<p>It's really a small budget....i think no money to lose.... i tried it because i also lost mine bluetooth hook and it's comfortable than hook..... Thanks for Sharing This job!</p>
<p>you are welcome</p>
<p>I came across this when my plastic piece like yours just broke. Jugaad<br> is a word/mentality that we all need to know, and embrace. After <br>reading this instructible, I immediately made my own with a method that I<br> used. Please check it out, and tell me what you think once it publishes.</p>
Thanks for you comment bro.. i visited you page and the one is very useful project. this is the only thing which you can't buy after damage/ lost. But i must say your idea is awesome... Keep It Up..

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