This is a great project for when you dont wanna get up and change the song or get up and turn it up/down no you can do all of these things on you ipod/ipad/iphone just with the clicks of a few buttons.

Step 1: Ingredients

All you will really need is an iphone/ipod/ipad and some Speakers with bluetooth connection. period unfortunatly both these items are pretty expensive but very simple
note the speakers in this picture are not bluetooth  the real bluetooth ones i could not fit in to the picture this sterio in the picture was just showing that there is a speaker of some sort (it needs to be bluetooth)
cool, I want to experiment with bluetooth in my arduino projects soon, do you know anything about that?
Not really but Bluetooth is pretty simple and there is a lot of space for creativity and changes within other projects for example I have a keyboard that can type into my ipod it's pretty sweet

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