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I always want to have a wooden speaker box like Tivoli but they are abit expensive to purchase. So I bought a bluetooth speaker , pulled out all the inner components and tuck all into the wooden box I made. (As you can see the red empty casing from the photo is what's all left after the transfer.) This is a simple DIY project, hope you enjoy it!

Material you need includes:

1) BT speaker X!

2) Medium Density Fiberboard

3) Super glue.

4) Cardboards X1

5) Rocker switch X1

6) USB TYPE A female to mini usb cableX1

7) Velcro

8) Sponge tape

9) Plastic cutter

10) Stockings

Step 1: Cut Wood Board

Picture of Cut Wood Board

Medium Density Fiberboard is composed by wooden fibre and resin, since I don't have any motor cutting equipment, MDF is relatively easy to cut than the real wood with just a pair of plastic cutter. I cut the board to the size i need, and glued all pieces together, added some reinforced ribs inside for stronger structure, wait till it to dry.

Step 2: Dissemble the BT Speaker

Picture of Dissemble the BT Speaker

I cut the front bezel with a piece of thin wood, and bought a pair of stockings, cut it and glued to the bezel. Cut the cardboard and bended to be able to fit into the wooden box. (Bends the cardboard to V shape so that the speaker/ sound can be amplified to wider range angle) Dissembled the BT speaker, it contains a speaker, a PCB board, and a battery. Carefully sponge taped it to the cardboard, and maker sure you have enough room to plug the USB cable to the PCB.

Step 3: Wiring, and Assembled All Components Together.

Picture of Wiring, and Assembled All Components Together.

Then, sticked velcro to both side of the bended cardboard, and inside the wooden box too, so the cardboard can be attached firmly to the wooden box, so too it can be removed easily with these velcro. Wired the PCB to a rocker switch attached to the rear of the box. And connect mini usb/ USB cable to the PCB to the rear box too. Assembled the cardboard with all components to the wooden box as it shows from the photo.

Step 4: Assemble the Bezel

Picture of Assemble the Bezel

Assembled the bezel, and ready to pair with your mobile phone to enjoy music.


annrrr (author)2014-11-02

What bt speaker did you put inside?

jake_lee_1105 (author)annrrr2014-11-03

It looks like this.

fanny.fan1 (author)2014-10-31


Fission Chips (author)2014-10-31

This is really cool! I like your plain old wooden styling, because it looks kind of retro and modern. Totally nice job!

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