BoB and TED Inspired Ullu





Introduction: BoB and TED Inspired Ullu

After watching videos of TED and BOB, i was inspired and tried to make my own version of is a 4 servo based 2 axis biped walker. Chassiss of bot is made of PVC (poly vinyl chloride) sheet. It can be controlled by android as i developed an android app using MIT's app inventor.

Step 1: Final Bot...

Sorry as this is my first instructable so it's a pretty bit annoying and video link will be added in my next described instructable :p....Anyways..This is the final bot just for right now and i spent around $10.60 on it. I will add instructables another one about how to make it with sketches and measurements too and a code will also be published after sweeping out the code. Remember it's not based on the bob or ted's source code . And yeah i damaged accidentally my single one ultrasonic sensor and in absense of ir sensor i was not able to add object avoider ability to it although i will add it when i will be in better financial status.

Step 2: Peek Preview



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    Very cool little robot. So cute!