Picture of Boa Paracord Gun Sling
I made this for my husband and decided that it was a good idea to make an instructable for the Boa Braid because it took me some time to find any reference to it let alone how to do it step by step. I hope that I am able to explain it well enough for you to make this braid for what ever use you with to use it for. 

This Gun Sling is about 54" because my husband is a tall man and it fits him a little loosely. He decided on the double color but you can use one color as well. I will do my best to explain both ways.
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Step 1: Items needed

Picture of Items needed
Items needed B..jpg
1. 4'6" 2x2 board *I used 2 framing nails on each end to hold my sling clips in place while I worked. Trust me its easier to do this with then without*

2. 100" paracord *Hobby Lobby has this in many colors. For a two color Sling you need about 50" of each color.*

3. Sling Clips *My husband picked these up at Wal-Mart for cheap. I'd advise asking a clerk for help if you are unsure what type to use             for your weapon.*

4. Scissors 

5. Lighter

6. Tape *Not shown in my picture sorry.*

Step 2:

Picture of
1. Thread the ends of the paracord into one side of the clip and tape the ends down onto itself with about an inch down. *If you are using one color you'll want to cut your 100" paracord into two 50" cords and fallow the same steps. There are other ways but this is easiest to keep from mixing up your braid later on*

2. Figuring out your length;
            For a person of average build about 5"-5"6', you'll want about a 40' sling.
            For a person of average build about 5"7'-5"10', you'll want about a 45' sling.
            For a person of average build about 5"11'-6"3, you'll want about a 50" sling.
            If the carrier is a heavier build add 2-3' to the length of your sling.
JohnC791 month ago
I used this to make a belt. Instead of the bottom clip use a short piece of cord to loop the long pieces. When your done just trim and tuck like the other part.

How much would I need of each color if I'm making a shorter sling...or I guess I should ask how long was the sling you made? Been looking for a tutorial for sling for my rifle and I think I really want to try yours! :)