Okay, I'm doing a couple quick, down and dirty instructables of Halloween props I've made in the past. These props are simple, cheap, and make my house look like an old, abandoned, haunted, creepy looking place. This one will cover using foam board to make fake wood boards. I'm also going to try and post one for the fence that surrounds my front yard.

Here's what you need:

- 1 inch thick foam board insulation (for this project, I actually prefer the cheaper white stuff. I like the way it come apart, tears, etc. The amount and size you need depends on how many windows you want to "board up")
- A serrated knife of some sort (a regular steak knife can do the trick)
- A flat head screwdriver or similar tipped item
- Mouse sander (optional)
- Brown latex paint (if you have a paint sprayer, it will make this a lot easier because you need to reach lots of nooks and crannies)
- Gray latex paint (A cheap paint brush is used with this)
- Hot glue (double sided duct tape or velcro could also be used)
- Duct tape (regular or double sided)
- tape measure

Step 1: Take some measurements

The first step is to take some measurements. You are going to need to measure your window diagonally. The actual board will need to be a few inches longer because it has to be "nailed" to something, right? All your other boards will attach to this.

The other boards that will be attached to the diagonal board don't necessarily need to go past the window. As you can see in the first picture, some do and some don't. This gives the appearance that some of the boards may have broken or whoever put them up just used whatever they had laying around.
wow thanks
Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing with us.
Thanks! Glad you think so. Insulation foam is magical. :0)
It looks so real!

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