Moving a boat around on land is no picnic. Your graceful watercraft is suddenly more like a beached whale.
These dollies with padded cradles make it easy and yes, fun!
Perfect to keep your canoe or kayak off the ground, and to raise it to a comfortable height to work on it.
All my boats have skinny hulls, so I made skinny dollies. If you've got wide boats, make yours to suit.

I used homemade welders to do the welding.
I used a big needle and string to do the sewing.

Step 1: The "Snille" Chair From Ikea

In case you're a non-consumer, there's a store called "Ikea" that sells cheap furniture with funny names. A lot of the stuff is high quality, but these "Snille" cafeteria style stacking chairs have a problem. The steel base is very strong and the plastic seat is very weak.

In the middle of a meeting someone will lean back a little too much and "snap!" the chair breaks.
The chair gets added to the growing junkyard in the corner of the room. Eventually I'll harvest them.
I throw the seats into the plastic recycling bin, and add the bases to a tower behind the shipping containers.

You'll probably have some different kind of chair to work with, but the principle will be similar.

<p>Great idea using carpet as a boat holder, I have just bought a few &lt;a href=&quot;https://www.morganandquinn.co.uk/&quot;&gt;Carpets in Hull&lt;/a&gt;. with my old carpets i am definitely going to this, we go to rother valley and the lake district all the time in our boat.</p>
Tim, how about adding a picture of one of these holding one of your boats. One showing the entire boat, not just the hull! You know, from above.<br /> Thanx, Matt W.
Beautiful work once again. I'm still having trouble finding discarded batteries or microwaves.<br />
where are you located? boat yards, thrift stores, and city waste disposal people end up with too much of these. Asking around is a good method.<br /> craigslist may also help<br />
Tim, once again I'm impressed by your creative use of what most others would thoughtlessly discard. Keep up the good work!<br />
cool i was wonderig if you could make some welder-less ibles i dont have acsess to one but u make some cool stuff and i want to too i do not have a boat as im 12 but&nbsp;u r obviosly a genius so........
thanks!<br /> try these:<br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/Knife-Making-Without-Tools/<br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-Your-Own-Tall-Bike-Without-Welding/<br />

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