Make Boat Cradle Dollies from Carpet Scraps, Metal Chairs, and/or Shopping Carts

Picture of Make Boat Cradle Dollies from Carpet Scraps, Metal Chairs, and/or Shopping Carts
Moving a boat around on land is no picnic. Your graceful watercraft is suddenly more like a beached whale.
These dollies with padded cradles make it easy and yes, fun!
Perfect to keep your canoe or kayak off the ground, and to raise it to a comfortable height to work on it.
All my boats have skinny hulls, so I made skinny dollies. If you've got wide boats, make yours to suit.

I used homemade welders to do the welding.
I used a big needle and string to do the sewing.

Step 1: The "Snille" Chair from Ikea

Picture of The
In case you're a non-consumer, there's a store called "Ikea" that sells cheap furniture with funny names. A lot of the stuff is high quality, but these "Snille" cafeteria style stacking chairs have a problem. The steel base is very strong and the plastic seat is very weak.

In the middle of a meeting someone will lean back a little too much and "snap!" the chair breaks.
The chair gets added to the growing junkyard in the corner of the room. Eventually I'll harvest them.
I throw the seats into the plastic recycling bin, and add the bases to a tower behind the shipping containers.

You'll probably have some different kind of chair to work with, but the principle will be similar.

mwhitt5 years ago
Tim, how about adding a picture of one of these holding one of your boats. One showing the entire boat, not just the hull! You know, from above.
Thanx, Matt W.
Beautiful work once again. I'm still having trouble finding discarded batteries or microwaves.
TimAnderson (author)  masterochicken5 years ago
where are you located? boat yards, thrift stores, and city waste disposal people end up with too much of these. Asking around is a good method.
craigslist may also help
Goodluck5 years ago
Tim, once again I'm impressed by your creative use of what most others would thoughtlessly discard. Keep up the good work!
cool i was wonderig if you could make some welder-less ibles i dont have acsess to one but u make some cool stuff and i want to too i do not have a boat as im 12 but u r obviosly a genius so........
TimAnderson (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox5 years ago
try these: