Step 2: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
For this project, you will need the following tools and materials.  I have tried to provide a reference in Australia and USA where possible.

Dremel or motorised grinding tool - Bunnings / Home Depot / $ shop. For tidying up any 'dags'.
Stanley Knife or Box Cutter with spare blades - Bunnings / Home Depot / $2 shop
Safety Gear - goggles, latex gloves and respirator with gas and particle canisters - Bunnings / Home Depot
Brush - $2 shop - for painting the epoxy
Scissors - ideally these would be for cutting carbon/kevlar.  Any sharp scissors are ok (not for kevlar, only carbon). Otherwise you can experiment with the stanley knife if you want to save money.


Epoxy Resin (two part) - you can buy these from the same places as the carbon tape, or marine chandleries like bunnings.  Another place to get it for 'free' is a local boatyard or if you know someone building a boat.  Remember to get the epoxy resin, not PU resin with hardner. If you get any good, they may offer you a job!

Surgical Gloves - pack of 50 - Bunnings or paint shop - $5

Carbon Fiber tape 1" or 2" x 1 meter - $5 - http://www.carbonfiber.com.au/ or http://www.cstsales.com/products.html.  It is cheaper to get the tape than a meter/yard of cloth and it is easier to work with in this application. It is better to buy one with a selvage edge so the carbon will only deteriorate in one dimension.

Blue Painter's tape - bunnings or 3M or home depot - $6

Newspaper - to avoid a mess.

Clear release film * 1m $5 - this is to prevent the epoxy sticking to the film.  I had some film already which I think was polyurethane.  You can buy this from the carbon vendors above.

Clear Varnish - $2 in a rattlecan.

take-away containers - recycled and washed! for holding the epoxy resin.

So for less than $30 or so you may be able to save yourself from a ruined boat!