I use grass in a lake to build a boat with hot glue

Step 1: Hot Glue


Step 2: Fixing

Step 3: PLAY

<p>if you study the last photo carefully you can see the little boy is actually holding the &quot;dry glass&quot; boat up therefore it cant even float!</p>
This is a bit of a &quot;late hit&quot;, but I've seen &quot;dry glass&quot; in large yacht construction when using the infusion process. As the vacuum pulls the resin through the reinforcements, is a spot is missed you have &quot;dry glass&quot; and have to go back and do some very futsy repair work. Frankly, I'd rather build a boat from &quot;dry grass&quot;. <br>See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reed_boat
<p>Yes. Please change it to grass.</p>
<p>AHHHHHH, thats not cute at all! Thanks for sharing your boat building! Very nice!</p>
&nbsp;I&nbsp;thought the kid in the picture had his hand on the invisible &quot;dry glass&quot; boat which would be really cool in a pond or lake as it would look like you could sit on water.&nbsp;
I&nbsp;believe the title should say grass.<br />
lol yah, I&nbsp;came in here cause I&nbsp;wanted to know what dry glass was =P<br /> Thought it was some sorta fancy fiberglass or something.<br />
me 2<br />
&nbsp;This might be a very brilliant idea at intentional mis-spelling. &nbsp;I wonder if someone works in advertising ... :P<br /> <br /> I too had to know what dry glass was...<br /> <br />
Glass = very bad bathtub toy.&nbsp; The boat looks like it might be fun to sail on a pond, though.<br />
When I was a kid, together with friends we went up the river as far as we got tired, then made a raft from reed, some 3x3 to 5x5 meters wide and went down the river back home. Often we took our bicycles with us and made a fireplace on the raft. Took all day. We didnt use anything else, just the reed itself.
I like the lego Huck Finn :-)&nbsp; And good on you, Mom, for putting this up!<br />

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