Introduction: Bob Marley Birthday Present Using the Vinyl Cutter

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This is one of my first projects at Techshop, it was a simple sign for my friend who is a huge Bob Marley fan. It had its challenges but the payoff was quite nice. Tis was made at

Step 1: Gathering Ideas...

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With an empty slate and not much knowledge of Bob, I started with research of pictures and quotes. i found a nice picture of which to base my design off of while looking around the internet.

Step 2: Working With Vinyl

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Working with vinyl and corel draw is challenging at first, luckily, the staff at Techshop was more than helpful when it comes to helping you out. I learned that just because a picture looks solid doesn't mean that it is, which was a huge factor in making the main picture of Bob, which was originally full of cuts.

Step 3: FInishing Touches

Picture of FInishing Touches

After finishing the black layer, I cut Bob Marley's symbolic red, yellow, and green background out of strips of vinyl. I made the background first and then stuck the black on top. My Buddy Thomas loved his present, as he thought I was joking when I told him I was working on his gift all day.


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