Here's how to make a boba fett bounty hunter coustume for your freinds, your son that's obssesed with boba fett, or even yourself! So listen closely!!! The reason I made this Instructable is because I LOVE Star Wars And especially Boba Fett!! AND because boba fett costumes cost A FORTUNE!!!
P.P.S. Sorry if some of the pics are bad. I did my best.
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Step 1: What You Need.....

Here's what you need........
1. Boba Fett helmet (of any kind)
2. Green jacket/sweatshirt
3. Homeade Jetpack (you can build it any way, and trust me, you WILL get alot of comments)
4. Belt (of any kind)
5. A blaster (make it cool!!!)
6. Hand cuffs (optional)
(7. I didn't do this but you can add a FAKE gun and a holster)

Step 2: Getting Started.....

Picture of Getting Started.....
Andrew's camera 3 089.jpg
Here's how to get started!

1. First put on the coat/sweatshirt
2.  Now put your gun and holster on where ever is comfortable. (optional)
3.Now put your belt on

Step 3: Now For Some Props!!!

Picture of Now For Some Props!!!
So now is time for.....

Hook on the handcuffs to your belt.

Step 4: Now The Jet Pack....

Picture of Now The Jet Pack....
Just put the jet pack on you back however you made it!

Step 5: Now The MOST Important Part..... The Helmet!!!

Picture of Now The MOST Important Part..... The Helmet!!!

Just put it on your head however it's made!!!

Step 6: Your ALMOST Done!!!

Picture of Your ALMOST Done!!!
Yes I know your getting bored but heres the LAST STEP!!!

Now just hold your gun!!!

Step 7: Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Picture of Lights, Camera, Action!!!
It's all you! The bounty is 1,000,000,000,000 pieces of candy!!!!!!!!!!!
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zwx1 month ago


zwx1 month ago


if you get some red tape, and put it over the extra large eyes and made the visor authentic, you'd make a mean looking lid
Very nice job on your costume :) I think it looks great!
rittersport (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thank You very much :-) !!!
I think this one and the soviet/army person are my best (my worst was probably the homeade mini lego x-wing)!