My sons and I were inspired by a woodburning stove by doddieszoomer https://www.instructables.com/id/Vader-Gas-Bottle-Log-Burner/ in a shape of Darth Vader.

We built one similar to it. But we also to decided to build a Boba Fett stove.


The major component for the helmet was an old propane tank

The rest of the pieces for the face plate, base, visor, and antenna were random metal scraps.

The paint was high temp grill paint from the hardware store ( silver and black), and engine paint ( read and green).




personal protective equipment: gloves and goggles.

Thanks for reading

Step 1: The Helmet

The helmet was built out of an old propane tank.

Make sure it is empty. I opened the valve on mine and left it out in the hot Texas sun to make sure all the gas was gone.

I also drilled a small hole on the top while pouring water on the bit.

Make sure you have the tank empty before cutting as the sparks from a grinder and propane do not mix.

Next we used a sharpie to draw a rough outline.

<p>Recommended build: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/R2D2-charcoal-grill/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/R2D2-charcoal-grill/</a></p>
mweaver8, I'm not a part of a SW universe, but just a casual fan. My oldest son is teaching my how to weld, so I'm practicing by building SW characters. Thank you for your comments!
Then you are 501st?<br><br>And why can't you reveal that info? As far as I know you can tell anybody that you are part of one of the SW costuming groups.
<p>Очень оригинально Роберт молодец смотрится красиво Руслан Якуб</p>
Are you a Mando Merc, by chance?
<p>I can't reveal this info. I can tell you that my next project will be to CLONE another wood burning stove. </p>
<p>Ha ha! So cool!</p>
<p>Thank you !!</p>

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