Picture of Bobblehead Perry the Platypus
Bobblehead Perry the Platypus is an arts and crafts project made by Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz in Disney's Channels original animated series "Phineas and Ferb" (Chapter 85: "Just passing through")

Here's a step by step guide to make your own Perry the Bobblehead and have it spoil your evil plans.
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Step 1: What's needed

Picture of What's needed
To make yor Bobblehead Perry the Platypus you will need:


-Wood (70mm x 20mm) for the body. A length of about 105mm.

-Scrap wood for the limbs and the head with a depth of 8mm. A square of 200mmx200mm will be more than enough.

-A small red button.

-A medium white button.

-Two black pipe cleaners.

-A couple of nails.

-4 thumbtacks (drawing pins)

-A spring of 35mm.

-Contact glue.


-Coping saw. It'd great to use Craftsman 6 in. Coping Saw or, even better, Craftsman C3 Jig Saw with Laser Trac.




Step 2: Making the parts

Picture of Making the parts
-The body is easy to make: Just cut a piece of 105mm long from the 70mm x 20mm wood.

-Draw the limbs and the head on your 8mm wood. The measures are, approximately, the followings:


Height: 45mm (85mm with hat)
Width: 65mm (105mm including the beak)


Length: 80mm
Width: 32mm


They are just ovals of about 30mm x 20mm 


Length: 80mm
Width: 45mm

You can look at the pictures to get an idea of the exact shape of each part.

After drawing the pieces, cut them with the saw.

Step 3: It's color time!

Picture of It's color time!
Now is the right moment to paint each part. Don't paint them after you've assembled everything because that would only make the work harder.

Use a dark brown for the hat and a very light brown for the tail.

The legs and the beak should be between yellow and orange.

For the body, the head and the hands you will need to mix blue and green until you get that strange color Perry is. 
TimsProjects7 months ago
Where's perry?
TimsProjects7 months ago
leggs20024 years ago
i know what i'm doing today.....
buteomont4 years ago
P&F are awesome times ten. I gotta make me one of these!
Really well done!
fozzy134 years ago
OMG!!!! I love it. I love Phineas and Ferb. Seeing this totally made my day..darn this snow that makes woodworking SO troublesome!
ChrysN4 years ago