Introduction: Bobcat E80 Right Hand Catch Repair

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this is my first instructable.
had problems opening the hood to check fluids and charging the battery.

so when i FINALLY got it open i removed the Catch PN 7012749 or 7005859,

then after i inspected the mechanism i discovered the lever to pin gap was too great to allow full movement of the pin.

Step 1: Dissassembly

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remove E-clip A

remove tension from spring E by moving leg F

slide Hex pin to the Left. spacer B will fall off. then the Lever C will fall off. STOP

do not completely remove Hex pin.

Step 2: Lever

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right side is the old

Left side is what is used now

Step 3:

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place lever in opening.

slide Hex pin through lever C. if Pin will not slide then loosen 4 screws G

slide Hex pin through spacer B

complete sliding Hex pin till it stops.

add E-clip A

re-tighten 4 screws G

Step 4: Testing

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place Phillips screwdriver in latching area

press down

latch should close around screwdriver shaft.

slide screwdriver out of latch

open handle to "Open"

re-install in Bobcat E80 in Open position.


Swansong (author)2017-01-13

Thanks for sharing :)

DDW_OR (author)Swansong2017-01-13

thank you.

I wish instructable's had a Repair/Modification catagory.

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