How to Create Airsoft Body Armor





Introduction: How to Create Airsoft Body Armor

About: Hello I am Alan and I love making body armor and suppressors and my tutorials are newest and unique



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    It is not for firearms it is for airsoft

    Guys it is really meant for airsoft

    Hey guys I am doing an event when I finish with testing and I will do all of your ideas for the armor so place your ideas and I will do it

    Also wish me luck everyone

    I promise you it works

    Guys trust me I was shot with it I was shot with a pellet and airsoft gun stopped it just fine and the dyneema is real it is rated up to any pistol round trust me I shot it many times and me and I did upgrade my plate to stab proof and again I do have testing

    No, it will not. Do not attempt to build this yourself unless you enjoy gunshot wounds.

    I want to say that this fake armor could get somebody hurt, but then I realized that nobody in thier right mind would listen to a 13 year old posting about making a bulletproof vest. This is not really by any stretch of the imagination, and will offer no protection from ANY firearm. Take this down kid, before someone actually takes this seriously and tries it.

    hey guys i have testing at school so right now i cannot make any instructables but when i am done with it ill make more sorry for any sadness:(

    Hey guys played airsoft with it worked great with stopping bbs

    This will NOT stop actual rounds from a real weapon. By real I mean anything larger than a .22, if you want real body armor check out AR500, and even that has limits.

    It will also stop shotgun rounds

    Yea the dyneema makes it bulletproof but if you have a higher level than mine then it can stop rifle rounds but mine can only stop 22-223 but if you have stronger Kevlar or dyneema it will stop 22-398

    Hey everyone welcome to the instructable