Picture of Body Casting and Chocolate Molding
AKA Chocolate breasts!
Searching for that perfect, unique, one-of-a-kind gift?
Give yourself -- in chocolate!
Using body-safe silicone and chocolate, you can reproduce whatever strikes your fancy for your loved one to nibble on anytime. It's a work of art that's meant to be enjoyed!

The mold you make with this method can be used to cast any variety of materials.

This would also be a great way to commemorate an expecting mother's pregnant belly!

*** WARNING: This Instructable may contain material considered offensive or objectionable to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised. ***

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project I used:

  • Two trustworthy assistants - one to smear and one to photograph. You may decide you only want the one.
  • 2 qt. Dermasil - SR1100 Silicone RTV material that can be brushed directly onto the skin

This silicone is only rated as body-safe. It has not been FDA tested to be food grade.
I promise to report if I poison anyone with the chocolate from this mold.

  • Petroleum jelly
  • Plaster bandages
  • Chip brushes
  • Disposable mixing cups in two different sizes
  • Stirrers
  • Chocolate - best to use baking chocolate, rather than chocolate chips. After some testing, I discovered the taste and texture of remelt baker's chocolate to be FAR superior to that of chips.
  • Double boiler or two pans
  • Scissors
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Great Instructable! Since the 1990's I've been in to the fine arts, and just recently started studying Plastic Technology over in my local community college. I was surprised to learn that the community college is the ONLY one as such in the Southern CA area! We learned to make all sorts of great reusable plastic molds, FDA approved molds, etc. You've given me an idea to make some chocolate goodies using fine art sculpting first and then creating a reusable rubber mold of my models to create Fine Chocolate Art! Thank you!

I look at this as no different than nude art,,, some of you people just look at the obvious,,, someone that worked art, and shows it in a museum is no different than what was posted here... I THANK YOU MISSCHIFF, for posting something respectfully, and giving me numerous ideas for my business.... trust me,,, this will sell awesomely during christmas and birthdays for hubbies..... my mother used to make cakes, and made this same thing out of cake, and cupcakes,, then, she even made the bottom for a man,, using a twinkie as you know what,,, its comical, its romantic, its something people will buy,,, so, keep up the good work,,, and thank you again...

There are FDA approved food safe ways to accomplish the same thing. Only a little more work and pennies. I have been doing the same stuff for some time. Let me know if I can help.
Dustycookie2 years ago
You really didn't have to post that picture. It could have been, like, you jellying up your shoulder and facing away.
knuckel5 years ago
 i want to make a cast of my head, how would i do this, i would do the breast however i am male, and not mutch mussel to be prod of "yet" so that is out of the question.
stick two straws up you're nose and then you can still breath, fill in the nostril holes with something like Plasticine
if you can hold your breath till the gelatin sets, you've got it.
gomas2113 years ago
i wanted bobbies
Screamo4 years ago
Is that your body in chocolate? o.o
Why can't I just rub chocolate all over myself?
cloroak5 years ago
if you look just abouve the plastic jar...
Saturn V5 years ago
*in awe* (Gasp!) That's a lot of chocolate.
bobert6106 years ago
you guys are pervs, you know that?
 haha then what are you doing here?
so ....if the female body makes u think that any attraction towards it  makes u a perve ....then u my sir  have issues
pyro8885 years ago
who's the lucky guy?
GnomeMaster5 years ago
Dr.Big5 years ago
dogsgomoo5 years ago
Yum and sexy gift idea. Though I have to ask... did the chocolate taste weird from the silicon? This technique has given me an idea for doing my dress form but I'm wondering, how much did that much silicon cost?
nice breasts, if its not out of line. =)
chewymst6 years ago
would it be fare to say you have chocolate flavored nipples? lol
akinich6 years ago
nice brests whose are they?
wow thos is weird but awsome is that your wife, girlfriend, sister, etc. any one willing to let you rub there breasts with chemicals
ninjaknow6 years ago
dawning6 years ago
Extremely delicious. Perhaps I'll have to attempt something like this, but maybe I'll use some other candy-ish materials.. Decorating could be freakin fun too.
snelpiller6 years ago
wooow, thats alot of chocolate!! like, alot alot
snelpiller6 years ago
Warning Mature content!

and again, not that I mind tho =)
snelpiller6 years ago
oh my dais! Ill just put this in for former visitors
!!WARNING!! Mature content

Not that I mind tho =)
Boomer6176 years ago
To make it shine you must also add air to the chocolate by lifting the spoon and letting the chocolate run off.
MissChiff (author)  Boomer6176 years ago
Ah, I didn't know that.
canis6 years ago
the vaseline is harder to remove than you would think. that would cause some blooming. also, a good demolding agent is helpful in preventing blooming. i would recommend coating the inside of the mold with paraffin - melt it and spray it on with a mouth atomizer, perhaps?
canis canis6 years ago
actually, you could just pour hot paraffin into the mold and swirl it around, then pour the excess back into your wax pot.it will also give the final piece a nice, glossy sheen, without affecting edibility.
MissChiff (author)  canis6 years ago
Great suggestions! Thanks!
Crakur canis6 years ago
yea, but it also affects the flavor, look at hersheys compaired to lindt, one has more parafin, and therefore a different flavor
eggmcmffn6 years ago
looks like a mummy
Traceur2216 years ago
why don't you move that hand a little?
fedecale6 years ago
I wish i were u
leepinlarr6 years ago
I wonder if you would have iced her back during the process, if her nipples would have stood up more, creating a perkier mold
playahboy6 years ago
Whoa, nice breasts, make an instructable about how to mold a body
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