Body Clip Pulls


Introduction: Body Clip Pulls

Are you tired of hurting your fingers while trying to take the body off of your RC Car or Truck?
Well then this is the Instructable for you. It is a body clip pull that is made from old fuel tubing and some zip ties. if you have the items you can assemble one together is a matter of seconds.

Things you will need:

Fuel tubeing
Zip ties x2
A cutting tool

Step 1: Step 1

Tie one of the zip ties thrugh the final hole of the body clip

Cut the end of the zip tie a bit longer than the fuel tubing (about 1cm more than the tubing )

Step 2: Step 3

Slip in the fuel tubing on to the zip tie

Now zip the free end of the zip tie that is attached to the body clip. (look at the 2nd picture)

Step 3: Final Step =)

Trim the access plastic from the zip ties and you are ready to BASH!

Tanks to people in for showing me this trick.
If u have a truck and are having problems these guys are always there to help you fix it .



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    had a trx nitro 4tec damn fast and a hpi blitz but will always want stadium and monster truck

    I've got a few...Brushless E-Revo converted to an E-Slayer, a 2wd Slash VXL, Rustler VXL, Mini Revo VXL, HPI E-10, Tamiya DF-02 Gravel Hound...

    i have an e10 aswell :)
    know any mods?
    i have a superstock rz, lrp super digital reverse esc

    I actually sold the E-10 a long time ago...stole the VXL out of the Rustler and put it in the E10, went like mad.

     you should get the new slash 4x4 and a mamba montser

    Haha. I want one of them...convert it to a 1/8 Buggy i've seen people convert the 2wd Slash to a 1/8 buggy..but I see no point.. a 1/8 Buggy NEEDS the Slash 4x4 will be an awesoem platform for making well it uses REVO Diffs..

    i have a tamiya wild one, nikko hrdtrax and a modded cheapy so now it does drifts

    i have a nitro stampede and a 1 24 scale megatech propulse

    I have 5 :) I use these pulls on my touring cars, as the clips are so tiny.

    i have 3 =( one truggy one 1/10 touring Both resting in peaces and one SAVAGE XL <--- Best Thing I Ever Had

    I have an old Dodge Ram nitro truck with reverse gear. Pretty beat up but works fine. I usually use my multitool to pull those clips out as i always have it on hand. This is a good idea though.

    the problem with pulling them off with a multi tool is that you can scratch the body. With this you never need an extra tool to take it off. I have done this to all the body clips on my truck.

    Sweet Mod, dude! Self made or factory?

    Me I have a Traxxas Stampede 4x4 VXL

    Great ible check out my rc ibles too :)

    I have an evader ext stock