Picture of Body Impaling Special Effect for Halloween
Some fine folks where I live organized a "Zombie Walk" fundraiser and i just knew I needed to take part in that. But, I also knew my makeup skills were lacking. I needed a prop to get me through with my dignity intact. But what? I know! A striking zombie body impalement would do the trick. 
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Step 1: Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Step 1: Gather materials
If you can scrounge a standard yard sale sign, the kind on a wooden stake, you'll be ahead. If not, they are easily made. You'll need two USP lumber connectors which you can find in the lumber section at Home Depot or Lowe's or the hardware store of your choice. Get the long ones since they have to bend all the way around your torso and over your shoulder. This depends on your size - bolt two together if needed. Get two L-brackets with four holes total. (See pictures) You'll need four small nuts and bolts to tie the whole contraction together and four nails or pins to attach the actual sign to the rig. More on that in the next step. as far as tools go, you won't need much. A drill to put some holes in the lumber connectors and a hacksaw to takes the tips off your nails. You'll need a screwdriver and pliers to tighten the nuts and bolts. 

Step 2: Step 2: Fitting and building the rig

Picture of Step 2: Fitting and building the rig
Start by bending the lumber connectors around your shoulder and under your arm. Go slowly and get the bend just right. After wearing it for even a short while, you'll come to appreciate taking the time to get it to contour to your body. When you have both lengths of connector bent to conform to your torso and overlap like in the pictures, you can mark where they need to be drilled (unless you get lucky and the existing holes in the connectors line up). This is a case of purely eyeballing it and drilling approximately where you think it will work. 
Mostlymade made it!11 months ago

Here's a picture of the costume I made with this AWESOME instructable!

micmac (author)  Mostlymade11 months ago
That looks really good! You managed to get a realistic 'angle' on the sign too. Well done!
Mostlymade1 year ago
Thank you so much for this tutorial. I, like you, did not have the time/ skills for zombie makeup and needed something with punch. I made this rig for my zombie clown costume and ended up winning Best Zombie in the walk! I made several kids cry too, and I have you to thank for you wonderful idea! You can see my costume here:
micmac (author)  Mostlymade1 year ago
Really good costume and I'm thrilled to see my little idea gain some traction. It's hard to turn around in that thing, isn't it?
Yeah, you need a pretty good turning radius. If you had someone who you could synchronize with, it would be cool to have to people 'speared' on one pole.
Mostlymade1 year ago
I am attending a zombie walk as well as hosting a community Zombie themed dance and like you, my make-up skills are a little lacking. This instructable is fantastic and the effect is stunning. I built my own impalement harness for my zombie clown costume. Thank you so much for this!
Arremer1 year ago
Haha I saw that dude during the Corpus Christi Zombie Walk last year. 12 months later and he's still generating a buzz
I really hope someone does a Michael Cera version of this so that it resembles his "self" featured in the movie, "This Is The End." That would be hysterical.
poofrabbit2 years ago
This looks fantastic and well made, well done!
What an awesome idea! I love the base for it - it looks super stable.