Here are some pictures of a body mod my friend did to her ears. Elf Ears. Looks pretty sweet and cool, i just dont know if I would do something like this, and no, you really shouldn't do this yourself in any way, shape, or form.

Pictures are of my good friend (and posted with her permission) Kimmie.

Link to her lj

She did it with the help of Body Modification Artist, Russ Foxx

(I dont know if this truly counts as a Slideshow.. if not let me know and I will put up as a forum topic or something)

Notes to remember on Body Mods...

First of all, you shouldn't do any sort of modification (including piercings, branding, implants, tongue splicing, ear pointing, ect.) as a rash decision. You should always look at your body and decide if what you want to do would enhance your body in the right way right now and in 20 years from now. You also want to make sure it will look good. I recommend to fake it for a few days, using magnets to simulate piercings, water pads for implants, fake elf ears, and so on.

Be sure you are comfortable with what you are wanting. Faking it for a good week or longer helps to determine how you will like the mod after you are done. It is also a good time to see how other people's reactions will be and how you react back.

Choose a body mod artist that is knowledgeable and experienced. Research the artist before you go, and try to get in touch with people the artist has worked on before, to get a sense on the quality of the artist's work. Make damn sure everything is clean and sterile.

Do not be a guinea pig. If the artist tells you that they have something new they would like to try on you for a lower fee or whatever, politely say "No Thanks." If this happens to you, I would recommend to go to someone else unless you have alot of trust in said individual. Still, reinforce that you want what you want and will pay what was agreed upon, using agreed upon procedures.

Make sure you also know what the laws are for what you are going to have done. Tongue Splitting is considered a Medical Procedure in many areas and your artist will need the credentials to do it. Just be knowledgeable in what you are about to have done.

It doesnt pay to pretend to be an age that you are not, nor to show up to the procedure drunk or taking medications. If you are underage, the artist may do harm to you and your body due to blood vessels and arteries not being where they should be on someone of the appropriate age.

Use proper aftercare procedures to take care of your mods. Do what your artist recommends to take care of what you had done. If you start to have problems with something, do not hesitate to talk to your artist and if necessary, see the artist to have something redone or fixed.
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davidbarcomb2 months ago

How can you undo that?

Kelly021 year ago
so this is real...
CraftWars1 year ago
That's a little... Weird...
Thats real???? (shudder)
brysow6 years ago
Ok ,so there is SOME truth here to some extent to dchall's comments. I.e. a face tattoo or extreme body modification does make it more difficult to get a job that would pay decent wages on average, Tattoo artists and body modders call these jobstoppers for a reason . But he takes those types of examples that apply to some extreme and then applies them to more commonplace modfications that's not true anymore. I work at a large national company in the midwest that pays very well, and I've known directors, managers, etc with tattoos that would be visible in a short sleeve shirt. Their careers were not over in the least and that's not to count many more that weren't managers but still had great jobs. I also know of much more examples of tattoos and the like in larger cities in even larger companies. And it's not like I can name just ONE out of a company of many thousand, I can name several in a limited circle. Then if you look at his other examples of NOT visible tattoos and wonder what planet he is on ? And then I see he lives in San Antonio, TX and drives all around small counties of TX all day. nuff said.
nerys brysow2 years ago
I doubt elf ears would effect job prospects. IE it looks "natural" you can just say you were born like that.
nixiadel brysow2 years ago
It's not the tats so much as the non-ink body art. Bumps and horns and rings in the nose. The rows of piercings. Rings on the face or body that can be laced together. Body mod to change natural shape of a structure/ appendage. People are more accepting of these things now, but the problem is that a person’s own taste changes over time. Major body mods may not be something that you will like years down the road. I know people who have taken piercings out and let them close leaving little scars. I know someone who had surgery to repair his earlobes after removing his 2 inch ear wheels. I know people who cover up tats and won’t wear certain types of clothes because they hate what they did to their bodies when they were younger. That is the warning that the author of this instructible is giving. Some things are expensive if you change your mind later, and some things are forever.

I wanted tats when I was younger but I was afraid of the needle (phobia) and I wanted to put a slight point on my teeth because I was really into cats. My dad said no. twelve years later… I’m glad I didn’t. I tastes have changed and moved on since that time and the group of people I hang with is different. They would accept body mods but they aren’t the type to get them themselves. Another thing to think about is location. From what I hear the north west where I live is much more accepting of these things that say, a conservative small town in the bread basket of the country.
As a 44 year old professional who spends a lot of time working with younger adults as well as older lifers, I would like to give some perspective. 10 years ago, visible tattoos were a definite job stopper. Body piercings were an immediate interview negator. However, with the popularity of body art, more older folks are getting used to seeing it. The stigma is slowly fading. In creative fields, it is almost a non-issue unless you are aiming for a particularly conservative corporation that still requires ties and jackets for men and pants suits for women. Even in less creative fields, the impression of body art is softening. However, an older interviewer would at least have second thoughts when looking at elf ears. I have a friend who is a typical mainstream corporate drone. 10 years ago, she specifically told me she would never consider even dating someone with a tattoo and that tattoos were a sign of a sleazeball person. Now, she will often comment on a cool-looking or creative tattoo in a positive manner. To be fair, there is a risk that some of your career options may be limited, but would you really want to work for someone with 1950s style 'values'? Disclosure: I have no tattoos or piercings. I have no intention of getting them. But that is a personal choice and as you can clearly read, I do not have any issues with those who do have them.
Well in a field that requires suits and jackets, it's pretty easy to cover up tats! I know a head concierge at a four star hotel in a major metropolitan area with nearly full sleeves. No one cares because a) no one can see them and b) he kicks-butt at his job.
Klappstuhl3 years ago
Do you perceive what you hear any different than before?

I obviously don't mean if you've got super-hearing or anything like that, just if it feels different to hear things.
btw I work a decent white-collar job... I just cover em with my hair for a few hours each day, and enjoy them all the rest of my life. So anyone who says that mods & piercings will ruin your career, you are WRONG! :-D You only live life once, so enjoy it while you are here, instead of holding back because you fear what other people ~might~ think.

And, no matter what you do for a living, if you are your own boss, mods aren't a problem!
I have my ears pointed in this manner, so I am qualified to answer =)

98% of the time things sound exactly as they did before - there is no obvious change. But when I cup my hands around my ears now, things are quite a bit more loud than they had been prior. Music still sounds the same... but it is usually loud anyways.

My BF also has his ears done; he and yet another friend with this both described it as sounds being slightly muffled at close range, and slightly more loud/noticeable from the next room

I think most of the stuff you read is bs... that "doctor" Najy site is fake, there is no such person and what you read there is inaccurate. If there is any change at all it is slight, and also depends on how extreme this is done.

I love my ears they make me so happy! =)
I bet they can understand Elvish now!
what if her job is at a Ren fair? :P
then she might get a raise
nafinny3 years ago
well/ u can tell kimmie that i like the ears:) but personally i would not have done body mod, but do not disapprove of her choice, i have a fake pair that i had bought at dragon-con many years ago, they where painted to my skin tone and blend really well with the rest of my ears well as long as they are clean. although it is cool to think of having that done permanently maybe in the future:)
diabel3 years ago
I want this!! *_*
So lovely! *_*
Perilous3 years ago
This is gorgeously done and a really, really beautiful result.

I had piercings and tattoos and still managed to land jobs in corporate finance and in banks. Dont let the wusses keep you down. If youre really, really sure you want it and youve done the testing to make sure you're comfortable with it as suggested in the post write-up, then go for it. You will find a way. Never kowtow to those who would judge you solely by appearance - they are never worth knowing or working for. I made that decision a long time ago and at age 45, I've never once been sorry for it.

I'm going to look into doing this myself. This is really just fantastic.
well i love ur ears to be ohnost it takes alot of guts to show ur elf ears and well ur really brave and umm i actually have a couple of family members that has elf ears.And i think its actually pretty kool to have elf ears and u look cute beautiful hot and sexy with ur elf ears.
mdbiiens3 years ago
Your Elf Ears IS So NIiiiiiiceeeeeee <3 x 100000!!! Ur Se Hot!!!! :)
GomSeMaRi4 years ago
How long did it take to completley heal??
i want to have elf ears too.. but im not sure in what season to do it..
cause in the winter im always wearing a cap/beanie and i guess it would hurt...
did you get any infections? cause when i pierced my ear i got one... but it healed in a few days...

ylpihs4 years ago
Your ear looks really cool afterward. Thanks for the tips
sparda_684 years ago
omg that looks absolutely amazing!!! i would give my life savings and more to be able to get that done. i just dont know anywhere in hamilton or toronto that would do it for me but sweet none the less i give a 10 plus!
dchall86 years ago
Another note on body mods: Don't do it unless you are absolutely sure that your life long career goal is to serve fried chicken to tourists. Her elf ears, nose piercing, and tattoos will close the door to many career opportunities on what might have been a road to success. Nobody will tell you that to your face but its true. Even tiny body art that is only visible when you are at the swimming pool is a career killer. I know people who will not even rent an apartment to you if anyone living with you has body art/mods. And I know an attorney who cannot get a job in her profession because of the tattoo on her lower back. She started a business delivering legal docs between attorneys - a sad waste of education and intelligence.
Not everyone wants to have a job as a number in some gigantic business. I have had my ears surgically pointed- and plan on many other modifications including stretching my labret to 12mm and getting my conches punched out. Why? Because it is what makes me happy. Working for some giant lawfirm or corporation where you have no choice but to think, look and be as everyone else is actually my idea of complete hell. I have had an education- I finished high school and many diplomas and am on my way to university. 

As I was saying- not everyone is going to have a job at some lawfirm working 9-5. My love for body modifications has obviously transcended want for a "normal" job- I work as a body piercer and I absolutely love it. The girls I work with have had subdermal implants, scarification on their faces, but you know what? We all work and get paid above award rates for what we do- its a comfortable living and we look the way we want to. Society needs to acknowledge and accept that modifications are becoming more mainstream and to go with it. Are pointy ears SERIOUSLY going to affect the way you can work and fulfil your jobs? I don't think so- its just losers who can't get past aesthetics, which to me, is pretty damn petty.

Furthermore, are you going to blame the tattoo for that woman losing her job or the completely arsebackwards way society views people who fulfil their desires to make their body look the way they want?
ah but at my moms job at a hardwere store a girl got turned down for a job that she was very qualified for because she had a small rose on her upper arm. the rose was in memory of her mom that died from cancer. the guy that got the job turned out to a creeper
   Wow, did we get in the Way Back Machine or what?  Yes in many fields appearance counts.  Its the side effect of our image conscious society.  dchall8's comment is general and narrow, but sadly occasionally accurate.   There are those who will discriminate against those who differ from the societal norm.    Its not limited to body mods, weight, gender, and race also play into these roles.  Also, as many have pointed out not everyone is interested in looking normal and there are many field where a modified appearance is accepted and desirable.  As for the story about the lawyer who lost her career because of a small back tattoo, this event either happened a decade ago or she lost her job due to other circumstances.  dchall8 your warning is something to consider for those wanting to have body mods, but the outlandish stories and scare tactics do not usually work on those who are secure enough to have these procedures done.
Wow, if that isn't the most misguided and ignorant comment I've ever seen...

I have a lip piercing that leaves a visible hole even if my jewelry is out. I have a tattoo covering about 25% of my calf. I have several unconventional ear piercings including an orbital that gives one of my ears a pointed appearance. 

I am a director at a Fortune 500 company. This company is not in tech, entertainment, or any other industry known for its unconventionality. At 32, I am one of the younger directors in the company. I am also female. I didn't get this job because of or in spite of my appearance. I got it because I'm damned good at what I do.
This is often not the case, however modded people often have to work harder to get desirable jobs.
ILOSN dchall85 years ago
Some of us aren't in the least bit interested in the mediocre 9 to 5 carrier life. You can have it - be part of the 99% of boring worker drones. But don't bash the ones who have freed themselves from that.
wow, that is a very old fashion way of thinking. I can almost guaranty if she where to get an interview for any major video game/ digital entertainment studio (given she had the talent) she would have no problem getting a job. it may even enhance her chances. its a little less likely that she could she would get a job at a law firm, but chances are if your going to get a serious or even moderate body mod your not the type of person to want that job.

the world is being taken over by young people and the old people are just getting older. my generation and even generations above mine are looking to the new and "strange" in a way that frightens the older generations.
example, I'm and animator. I wore a tail to my interview for an ad agency. it was a simple tail that attached to my belt and matched my hoodie. most people my age would at least not mind it and some compliment me on it. the man that was interviewing me (a man in his late 30s and owner of the agency) wanted me to start the next day. the tail expressed a bit of my creativity and outward thinking, which he though was great and necessary for the job. before getting the job and the compliments on the tail he asked me something like "aren't you nervous about wearing a tail to a job interview?" to which I replied "I'm an animator. what did you expect?"

sure there are still people running things from the older generation who are going to make a fuss over things like ink and mods, but there on their way out and a creative mind is a hot commodity now a days.

and on a side note, why didn't any of the people you know sue? personal life decisions like body art, when it doesn't effect anyone like customers or other employees, are not grounds for career termination. seriously, its closer to grounds for legal action and is 100% discrimination.

yeah you can sue but you cant win, a job interview could not accept you on many terms not just tails or ears, You say they didnt hire you because your ears they say they didnt hire you because your person skills. Its so subjective it is impossible to prove that you were discriminated against based on a body mod.
I would really like to know were you live because I can't think of one place in the USA like that were are you in haiti or something???
And where exactly is this - in Nowhere, USA where the average age is 65?
Who says that a "successful" career path has anything to do with anyone who cares about holes in your face or ink in your skin? I would consider myself pretty successful, and I have 3 piercings in my nose alone. I've never had to deal with anyone turning me away because of my modifications. Then again, I'm not exactly working at a law firm. Still, though, it's not okay to be narrow minded and not open your eyes to see the changing of the world around you; the Leave It To Beaver generation is dying out, and with them, the scared/surprised/disgusted-at-something-they've-never-seen mindset. Just a few words to chew on, dchall8. I guess the moral of the story is that open mindedness isn't just a trend of the younger generations; it's an overtaking of society as we know it and it's more and more evident every day.
I see as you say people shy away from mods and ink as employers but reality is that day is fading. People see my ink and enjoy it not dislike it. Besides one must define success before judging to many success is happiness and through self expression they acheive happiness. dchall8 all im sayin is openminded is the new way try it you might like it. The generation of discrimination to self expression is gone.
I beg to differ. I have facial piercings AND tattoos and work as a high-level manager at a Fortune 500 company. If you're good at what you do, you can do whatever you want. Even when I shaved my head, my boss said nothing more than "Nice!" It sounds like you're projecting your own prejudice on other people.
I think people should get to know people for who they really are. not just how they look. (that sounded a bit cliche...)
no one needs your negativity and predjudice.
Gort dchall86 years ago
Whether you like dchall8's comments of not there is some truth to them. BUT I think what age or generation you are has an enormous impact on how you see people who do body mods etc. In our line of work we work directly with the public and many of our clients are older men or woman who have cut hair and wear ties. They have no earrings or facial jewelry or body mods. Like it or not the people in our company who directly deal face to face with these clients do not have body mods. Tattoos are fine if they are not visible. It is not about right or wrong or what should be allowed or not. I think its about the views of a generation that did not even think of doing the things to their bodies that people do today. My personal opinion is if you can do you job well that is all that matters. In my neighborhood there are a couple men i see occasionally at the market who have tattoos covering their face and ears and they would not have a prayer of working at my company. We have younger people who have tattoos and earrings because that is the world we live in and that is OK. They are excellent employees and will remain as long as they do their jobs.
chriskarr Gort6 years ago
I'd have to agree with you, Gort. I don't personally have any body mods, other than from an accident involving barbed wire, but I know that, around where I live (Oregon), you can get plenty of respectable jobs with tattoos and piercings. I also know, however, that even the trade my dad works in (pipe-fitting) wouldn't work with people with piercings or even long hair. One time my dad got too close to a tool while it was running and it sucked his hair in and ripped off a chunk of his scalp. Now he has a small bald spot. Needless to say, his hair is now kept short. My brother, who is in the same trade, has his hair cut bald/near bald constantly. While in some occupations tattoos, piercings, and body mods are acceptable, in others they aren't. In employment positions I'm pursuing, they are perfectly acceptable. I plan on being self-employed, and I plan on dealing with clients electronically. Yay for internet! (except for stalkers, pedophiles, and other perverts)
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