Body Strap





Introduction: Body Strap

Safe body strap for VCR, so that you are able to film your hands.
Works best if your camera has a LCD screen.
Can also be used with picture camera.
Great for filming your hands while cooking or for making instructables videos.

List of materials
A piece of wood approx. 15cm X 10cm (6" X4")
A bracket
A 1/4" camera screw
6 wood screws
A belt or a nylon strap.

Step 1: Mount the Hardware

Remove the middle part.
Drill hole in metal, so that the 1/4" camera bolt can be inserted.
Add some washers and padding if necessary.
Fix the hardware on the plank.

Step 2: Strap

Measure your waist, and find a suitable nylon strap.
Use one or 2 belts if necessary, depending on your waistline.

Step 3: Screw the Camera

Screw the VCR or camera firmly to the contraption.
I use a piece of leather to protect the bottom of the camera, and some washers.

Step 4: Strap Yourself

Strap yourself, as high as possible, like under the armpits.
Make sure the camera is strapped safely to the wood, then slip it in your belt.
For extra safety, if your VCR has a strap, wear it over your neck.



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    Filming your hands? Hah! Now I know how all those pr0n videos were made. Good instructable though.


    11 years ago

    #8jjjj=> ~

    Why do you need to film the floor?


    11 years ago

    That bracket looks a lot like the one that comes with a CODE3 Dash-lazer :) Witht he camera on your chest, does it move around when you breathe or is it stable?

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    Your are filming the movements of your hands, who are moving all the time. Breathing does not interfere, unless you cough or breathe with a lot of noise.