Picture of Body armor from craft foam
This is some armor I made from craft foam from Hobby Lobby(79 cents a sheet). After a little planning and a lot of effort, this is the result.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here's what you'll need:

Craft foam(once again, Hobby Lobby- 79 cents)
Glue gun
A good plan, and probably use a drawing.

The picture is the foam, which is 2mm thick, I believe.

Step 2: The idea

Picture of The idea
Costume 002.jpg
Costume 005.jpg
Costume 006.jpg
Get a drawing, preferably. If your memory is that good, well, you're lucky.

If you have a turned(3/4) view, you will want to draw the front and back as well.

Unnecessary note: I later scrapped the "gas mask" look for the "made in one night" look.

Step 3: Draw the design and cut it out

Picture of Draw the design and cut it out
Costume 009.jpg
As the title says, in this step you should draw the design on the foam and then cut it out. I you don't want to have to glue each individual piece(which I didn't, but whatever), then just push hard when you are drawing on the foam. I ended up cutting out the pieces and then covering them with another sheet, which I then drew the design on again.

Step 4: Glue

Picture of Glue
Costume 010.jpg
Glue the foam pieces down on another big piece for the backing. I messed up on the back a little and made it lopsided, but it wasn't a big problem.

Step 5: Glue another piece down and add Velcro

Picture of Glue another piece down and add Velcro
Costume 015.jpg
Add another layer of foam to the top(if you want to, but be warned: It gets pretty stiff). Although if it gets stiff, you can probably make it less so by using the armor a lot. Add Velcro to secure the sides.

Step 6: Complete the costume.

Picture of Complete the costume.
Costume 016.jpg
Use anything else you want on the armor to make it suitable for the occasion to which you are going. I made a face mask and glued it to a hood, but use whatever looks good to you.
Suggestion: I think this would look much better it you glued the cut out pieces to a darker backing layer so their shape would actually stand out.