This is a fairly straightforward guide of how to build a line following robot. it uses lights, light dependent resistors (LDRs), an arduino, and a boe bot chassis (any robot chassis with 2 continuous rotation servos will work). it reads the sensors and turns based on the amount of light reflected form the surface below it. the sensors could also be used to detect edges.

Step 1: Build the Sensor

you will have to build the sensor to the included schematic
can you post a video of this working????
Hi, what kind of LEDs are those? and how is the sensor connected to Arduino? <br>Thanks!
RadioShack wide viewing angle LEDs. Model: 276-024 | Catalog #: 276-024 <br>I think
May i have a schematic diagram? i feel blur about the &quot;light&quot;
Looks like a fun project! Line following robots are always cool. Anyway, great project!

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