Picture of BoeKeto One
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Step 1: Cut White Onions

Picture of Cut White Onions

Step 2: Cube A Pan

Picture of Cube A Pan

Step 3: Chop A Broc

Picture of Chop A Broc
Tonight. I'm going all stems.

Step 4: Fry Up Cubed Beef

Picture of Fry Up Cubed Beef
13, 10:45 AM.jpg
thought to add Curry Decided pepper. Over med low heat. 7ish minutes.

Step 5: Add Onion & Broc

Picture of Add Onion & Broc
13, 10:45 AM.jpg

Step 6: Open, Stir, Sesame Oil

Picture of Open, Stir, Sesame Oil
13, 10:45 AM.jpg

Step 7: Top Broc Florets

Picture of Top Broc Florets
13, 10:45 AM.jpg
13, 10:45 AM.jpg
Had a change of heart. Decided it needed more volume cause of the pool of flavor. Poured on top of cut florets.
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I like where this is going! I especially like the surprise twist at the end. Perhaps you could discuss the origins of the title BoeKeto One?
alaferriere (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
Ha! Thanks! Yeah, certainly. It's my focus on 'Back of the Envelope Keto'. I've had people keep getting on me about my food pics, and have been looking for a nice way to document the concoctions as I make them up, and perhaps this is what I'm looking for!

I've recently stumbled into a world of 'Keto' and have begun cooking under these creative culinary restraints.

What do you think of Instructables as a platform for this? I'd love to have my things be ab eBook for myself afterwards.
I love the idea! But I've never heard of Keto before. I think if you were to create a collection of these, they might benefit from a little more information about amounts, and cooking times, etc. And you might consider a naming system to keep track of them once you've amassed a group. I think it's a great idea, and I think this is the perfect place for it!