Picture of Boffer Armaments Pt. 2: Great Axe
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Like any good Viking or Dwarf; if you have a big shield, you need a big axe. So, here's part 2 of our little mayhem making.

For this, we'll make a double bit axe modeled somewhat after Gimli's axe from Lord of the Rings. Why? It's good, solid and heavy.

The tricky part was making a heavy axe while balancing it with sufficient padding to not cause someone damage. With this, you'll feel the hit, but it will be something like getting hit by a Jotun's memory foam mattress rather than a heavy hammer.

You will need:
A haft (PVC with poplar dowel core left over from a previous endeavor)
A core (1/2" rubber sheet)
Padding (more neoprene-like foam)
Fasteners (Hockey Skate lace, bolts and contact cement)

Step 1: Cutting the Core

Picture of Cutting the Core
DSC_0138 (Medium).JPG
The core is what will give the axe's bit its shape. Thick rubber is a good way to maintain flexibility and shape, especially if you fold it in such a way that it helps add strength. For this, I took a 14"x14" sheet of 1/2" rubber and cut out sections to allow for folding over the haft.

For this I used a band saw after having tried an Xacto knife and a box cutter, neither of which gave great results. So, I took a fine-tooth band saw blade and slowly cut my way through it, ending with the shape below.

I then drilled a hole through rubber, and a corresponding hole through the center of the haft (not quite center, since cylinders are difficult to drill through and attached it with a pretty decent bolt and washers.
Jobar0072 years ago
Any metal in a boffer seems like a bad idea. I would recommend punching two smaller holes in your core side by side and use a zip tie to secure the two halves. Who knows, you may have tried that in the past though and it didn't hold up well.

I, for one, would like to see more boffer instructables. They can be a lot of fun and I'm glad people are putting them out there!
Haus Page (author)  Jobar0072 years ago
If I had teflon or nylon bolts, I would've used those. However, I tested them out on myself first at full swing and you can't even feel the metal through all the padding.

I have tried the zip ties before, and I've only found a way to make them work well for adding hilts and stuff around hilts. Having them go through the foam always makes the foam tear really quickly for me.

I keep adding them under Nerf and suggesting Boffer as a subcategory for something.

Best of luck!