Boffer Falcata.





Introduction: Boffer Falcata.

The falcata is a sword from the Iberian Peninsula (an area that is now mainly Spain and Portugal).  It is similar to the Greek kopis or the Nepalese kukri.  I made it from 1/2'' pvc that I found in the trash.  It's blade is about 2' 6'' long and it's overall length is 3' 8''.  I made the falcata's unusual hilt by connecting 2 elbow joints at the base of the hilt and sliding a t-joint on and connecting it to an elbow joint at the top.  The downward angeled blade is perfect for slashing.  Thanks to member Thinkenstein for his wonderful 'ible on bending pipe.  Overall, it's a pretty good sword for a first try at boffer making.



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    I hope you don't plan on playing Dagorhir with that.
    Also I guess I'll be the one do say it.
    It looks very much like something inappropriate, you're better off using the sandwich technique if you want to make a falcata.

    I have failed to notice that this was posted about 5 years ago...
    lol well I'm sure you've gotten better at foamsmithing by now, disregard my comment.

    Wow I had NO clue what this was when I clicked it