Picture of Bohemian Butterfly Bicycle Baskets
I love alliteration.   I also love winged things. 

This instructable will show you how to use basic power tools to secure wire bicycle baskets and how to add artistic flair to your basic cruiser.  This will be indispensible if you live in Boulder, CO, and plan on strutting your bad self about the town on Thursday nights.  

I bought this Schwinn single speed bicycle off a dear friend and former roommate when I lived in NYC.  I'm now in a biking town and average 14 miles/day.  Because my current weather conditions can average 20 degree F climate shifts from day to night, I decided I needed some on-board storage for sweaters and the like.  The bicycle came equipped with wire saddle bags, but to ensure my security and prevent monsoon damage to agents stored in said saddle bags, I decided to add locking lids and fabric linings. 

If you already know how to use a sewing machine and jigsaw, much of this will be redundant, though potentially inspirational (why make hinged basket lids when you could make butterfly hinged basket lids?!). However, this tutorial is designed to introduce explorers and neophyte DIYers to new skills.   Part 1 involves the woodworking bit, part 2 involves the sewing bit. 

Cheerio, riders! 
valkeray3 years ago
too kool--mind if I ask-where did you find your baskets? Just recently my car went to the great junkyard in the sky and having been O.O.W. (out of work) for a year now my darling hubby got me a scooter/moped to run around on and do little errands. These things are great but do not have any type of storage at all except for a platform thingy where you have your baskets, so if you could divulge? Oh, I smiled at your cup holder--truth be said I've been hunting for one for my little "ride".
BtheBike4 years ago
those wald double baskets are so awesome . i was gonna make a liner of plexi-glass ,but someone offered me way too much for my bike after i refurbed her .

before: http://claspics.com/768/754437/1306974431-187.JPG.php?p=*full-image

after : http://claspics.com/768/754437/1306974460-761.jpg.php?p=*full-image

china candy5 years ago
Beautiful butterfly ~ you make great . But i rarely idle in China travel, because we here very little natural scenery
eulaliaaaa!5 years ago
Does this hold stuff very well? I was just wondering. Great Instructable by the way!
Thanks! The baskets hold just as much as they always have. In fact, the wings now provide an additional surface across which I can bungee items too bulky for the baskets and the liners make it possible to hold smaller things which may have originally fallen through the wire gaps. Things sometimes stick out the top as they might have before and the wings simply rest on the highest point of the cargo, propped open. Cheers!