Step 4: Peel tongue

Picture of Peel tongue
Next I removed the tongue and peeled off the skin. Since this is the discolored yucky-looking bit, things started looking up after its removal.

The tongue itself is a big chunk of almost solid mustle, with a bit of connective tissue in the middle that requires prolonged heat to melt. Without the skin it looks far more like a more traditional meat, albeit in a strange shape.

The skin came off quite neatly; I only had to use a knife to coax some thin bits underneath to come off without tearing too much. There are some ancillary bits (blood vessles, fatty glandular bits, etc) attached to the lower sides of the tongue's base that can easily be removed at this point; they'll feel different, squishy and decidedly non-meaty, and thus can be easily separated from the good parts.

The Joy talked about removing roots, small bones, and gristle; I found none of these things. Perhaps a differently-cut tongue would have small bones attached? They didn't give any pictures or diagrams.
tabbique5 years ago
Can I recommend giving this peeled part to your cat or dog?  Nothing to waste, and a good source of easy digestible protein.
canida (author)  tabbique5 years ago
Nice idea! 

Unfortunately most of the animals in my neighborhood are raccoons and possums, so I prefer to put it in the city compost.  Not as good as a direct use, but it still turns into something useful.
tabbique canida5 years ago
You bet!  Gives it back to the earth, nothing wrong in that :)