bojagi is adapted to all kind of shapes...this time is about wrapping a single bottle with 2 different ways.

Step 1: Method 1

Step 2: Stand the Bottle at the Center of the Bojagi.

Step 3: Take Two Opposing Corners, Lifting Them Up Snugly Along the Bottle, Then Tie a Single Knot Above the Cap.

Step 4: Twist the Ends Downwards, Then Tie Two Knots to Create a Handle.

Step 5: Take the Remaining Corners and Cross Them Over One Another to Wrap Around the Bottle, Then Tie Two Knots at the Front.

Step 6: Method 2

Step 7: Lay the Bottle Onto the Bojagi As Shown in the Picture.

Step 8: Fold the Bojagi in Half, Then Roll the Bottle Until the End.

Step 9: Take Both Ends in Your Hands and Stand the Bottle Up. Cross the Ends Over One Another to Wrap Around the Neck of the Bottle.

Step 10: Tie Two Knots, Then Use Your Hands to Achieve a Clean Shape.

<p>i am so sorry for the confused titles. i am still new and i have request for members to help me to know how can i remove the auto - title &quot; step&quot;. thank you</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>The &quot;Step [number]&quot; is automatically on top of each new step/page you make, so I wonder if you added this text yourself as well?</p><p>If that is so, just remove all the &quot;step #&quot; you made and replace them with whatever meaningful title you think is right for a given part of your text.</p><p>Hope this helps, but if you need further explanation (or if it is something else doing this), feel free to ask :)</p>

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