Bolt-Action Knex Sniper rifle

Step 1: Main Body

Make this

Step 2: Stock

Make this

Step 3: Bolt-Action Mechanism

Make this

Step 4: Handle

Make this

Step 5: Connecter to Body

Make this it is simple

Step 6: Firing Pin

Very Simple

Step 7: Scope

Should be Simple if not leave me a message

Step 8: Firing Pin Holder

MAke this once

Step 9: Tip of Sniper

You will need some tape because it will wobble a lot

Step 10: Putting It Together

Finally done leave your comments and when you add the handle put the blue piece like shown on the pic i forgot it in the steps sorry

Step 11: Adding Rubberbands

DO the same on one side to the other. the bands holds down the white rods

Step 12: Loading and Firing

I didnt leave any pics but if you need them leave me a comment.

First take the firing pin and pull it back until you here a click
....................................?!?!?!? i think if you just make it thicker and fill it in with connectors then it would be a pretty good gun.
i'm giving it a 0.5/5 because it doesn't show the rest of the steps for loading and firing and it doesn't pull back far enough.
i juss made it and how do u shoot? it if theres a description i didnt see it. srry
 does this gun even work!?!?
hell ya shuts more than 30 feet<br>
it looks like a good gun
its awsome<br>
gunna make
wtf this gun is seriously messed up, u got to learn to make less skeletal guns that is totally not a bolt action
wow, this isn't very good....
ok gun...
subscrbe to me please
i might...
NOT&nbsp;a bolt action.<br />

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