Bolt Action Miniature Pistol--The Wolf--





Introduction: Bolt Action Miniature Pistol--The Wolf--

Here is a interesting woodworking/metalworking project, I had fun and enjoyed making it. To give credit the original idea came from nepheron, with the miniature firearm instructable. This pistol does fire and works very well.


This does involve power tools, fire, and black powder, so be careful and use common sense.

Step 1: Planning

Before you start any project you should have a plan, this includes drawing out a plan for me. The thing your making may not work out how you plan but it is good to have a picture in your mind.

Step 2: Supplies

For this project you need;
brass tubing
soldering iron or wood burner
sand paper or sanding sponge
Jig saw

Step 3:

Draw the design out on a piece of wood and cut it out with a jigsaw. You also want a notch that the barrel will fit in.

Step 4:

For the bolt action I dont have clear pictures so I will draw the idea out. Although I encourage you to make your own idea.

Step 5:

For the barrel just cut brass tubing to your size.

Step 6:

Now jb weld the pieces together, and leave overnight.

Step 7:

Now the pistol is almost finished, add pieces of popsicle stick on the sides, for looks I used the soldering iron to burn designs in the wood.

Step 8:

Now the pistol is finished, I will be making a instructable soon for the cartridges.



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    Very cool! I'll be borrowing some of your ideas for my project. Thanks for sharing this.

    Whoa, this is so cool! Very impressive work!

    Nice build.

    I would only suggest steel tubing instead of brass for the chamber/barrel. The brass might not handle the cartridge pressures. Better safe than sorry!

    Thanks for the advice, this is my version 4.0 pistol the others were muzzle loader, the next one I make will be with steel tube. Although for the amount and type of powder it works well, I would not use smokeless powder with it though, on account of it burning so hotly.