Hello and welcome once agian my fellow K'nex guncraftman's/guncraftladies!

Soo, here we are agian. after aboute two year of silence, I have returned. on request of a good friend of me, I have desided to upload this rifle I made some time ago.

But first, here's a little rundown of what this exacly is, and what you can expect of it when you made it yourself.

So, as you can read from the title, this is a bolt action k'nex made rilfe. I made this weapon whit two things in mind: simplicity and efficiency. too make a weapon with a minimal of parts, but as efficient as can get. that was my goal with this gun.

therefore, this is not a doom bringing weapon of mass destruction. just a simple, but very relayable system. ( If you know how to use it properly )

Becouse my spelling and grammaratical ( Is that even a word? well, it is now. ) skills are so bad, I like to work more with picture's then words. so expect a lot of picture gazing in this tutorial.

and, well. that was about it I think.

But there's just a little thingy I wish to addres. just like before, and as allwase, I'm afrade. do to my "not-all-wires-connected-propely-in-my-brain" dyslexia, I cannot. and, wil never. spell english words correctly.

So, if you came here to to be a paciant, respectably K'nes weapon enthusiast. go right ahead.
but if you came here to troll and be a anoyance to all that is and all that once will be, then just see yourself to the door and leaf now you still can.

Step 1: The Needs

All the required parts. you can see on the picture what you need for the rifle. but I'll typ it out here as well.

X 1 - Gray Rod
X 4 - Red Rods
X 2 - Yellow Rods
X 5 - Blue Rods (This wil be your ammo)
X 3 - Blue Connectors
X 2 - White Connectors
X 9 - Green Connectors
X 10 - Red Connectors
X 2 - Two-Way Connectors
X 26 - White Rods
X 16 - Extender Peaces
X 58 - Green Part-Connectors ( you cannot imagine how much fun I had counting all of these...)
X 12 - Black Grabbers Thingies
X 2 - Wheel Things
X 10 - Ring Parts

and rubber bands
X 4 (or more-less) -  for the ramming rod
X 1 - for the trigger
X 1 (or more) - for the stopping power
Cool! <br>
<p>Sweet! It is very realistic!</p>
also if you could do mods that would be great
I like it but it is very flimsy and a little small
I wasn't annoying or a troll. I just offered helpful criticism without gushing over how amazing the gun is. I don't see why my comments were removed.
oh, wel if that the case then I apologise for the removal of you commant. its pritty hard to tell from no more then one comment if some one wants to help or wants to troll. I'f had a lot of poeple getting extreamly opset over the way I spell words. so I want to remove the mean from the nice before its too late. I misstuck you for an meany, where you just try'd to help. <br> <br>one tip thue, next time, try: oh that a pritty nice (insert random subject here), but my advice to you woud be... <br> <br>instead of: Meh, i don't like this, and I don't like that. so there, work on it.
Not a true bolt action? Well, it looks nice. Good build!
may I ask why this woud not be a &quot;True bolt action&quot;?
A bolt action, is where when the bolt is pulled, a round loads up into the ready chamber, and when the bolt gets pushed forward, it moves the shell forward into the firing chamber. The bolt moves the bullet from the magazine, into the firing chamber. Yours doesn't do that, it just has a upside down magazine, with a pin mechanism. But I like the upside down magazine, and it looks cool!
ah, I see. but, adding things like a magazine and shell's woud be in conflict with one of my goal's: keep it simple. I can take a look and see if I can get some sort of magazine in there, but I woud not get and big hope's for it if I were you. beside's, I have no idea how to make any weapon from K'nex drop shell's at all. and I'm afrade that a magazine woud just make the hole thing way to big and wiered looking.
I mean, on a real gun, the bullet is attached to the shell. So, I call it 'shell' instead of bullet. You don't need a shell in order to call it bolt action.
Yes, I am aware of this. but I'd just like it if my weapon coud drop some shell like things when re-bolted. I'v see rifle's from K'nex do that, but I never got to know how. <br> <br>anyway, I try'd to make a magazine on the thing. but, allas, no luck. maybe I just need more time to think somthing up, or maybe it just cannot be done. <br>however, I did menage to find a way to inprove on the drop-in mag it has now. I'll add the information and some picture's in the tutorial on step 3 (Base 1).
Ive made many guns that could do that. I could help you build one if you want.
hmmm.. very temting indeed. but I'm afrade that's just going to add to mutch thing-er-me-jigger's to the rifle. I don't want to straff of the original concept to mutch. thank you for your offer thue.
Okay, its just a Knex gun man. Not a $1000.00 mac book. Lol
hmm. interesting.
It looks like it will do its job. <br>But the aesthetics aren't that great. The handle looks really uncomfortable too.
I don't know what &quot;aesthetics&quot; means, but I vind the handel very comfortable myself. you can allwase re-shape it to your liking.
The aesthetics are how it looks. <br>The handle just looks uncomfortable to me, but it could be comfy to others :p <br>

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