Hello and welcome once agian my fellow K'nex guncraftman's/guncraftladies!

Soo, here we are agian. after aboute two year of silence, I have returned. on request of a good friend of me, I have desided to upload this rifle I made some time ago.

But first, here's a little rundown of what this exacly is, and what you can expect of it when you made it yourself.

So, as you can read from the title, this is a bolt action k'nex made rilfe. I made this weapon whit two things in mind: simplicity and efficiency. too make a weapon with a minimal of parts, but as efficient as can get. that was my goal with this gun.

therefore, this is not a doom bringing weapon of mass destruction. just a simple, but very relayable system. ( If you know how to use it properly )

Becouse my spelling and grammaratical ( Is that even a word? well, it is now. ) skills are so bad, I like to work more with picture's then words. so expect a lot of picture gazing in this tutorial.

and, well. that was about it I think.

But there's just a little thingy I wish to addres. just like before, and as allwase, I'm afrade. do to my "not-all-wires-connected-propely-in-my-brain" dyslexia, I cannot. and, wil never. spell english words correctly.

So, if you came here to to be a paciant, respectably K'nes weapon enthusiast. go right ahead.
but if you came here to troll and be a anoyance to all that is and all that once will be, then just see yourself to the door and leaf now you still can.

Step 1: The Needs

All the required parts. you can see on the picture what you need for the rifle. but I'll typ it out here as well.

X 1 - Gray Rod
X 4 - Red Rods
X 2 - Yellow Rods
X 5 - Blue Rods (This wil be your ammo)
X 3 - Blue Connectors
X 2 - White Connectors
X 9 - Green Connectors
X 10 - Red Connectors
X 2 - Two-Way Connectors
X 26 - White Rods
X 16 - Extender Peaces
X 58 - Green Part-Connectors ( you cannot imagine how much fun I had counting all of these...)
X 12 - Black Grabbers Thingies
X 2 - Wheel Things
X 10 - Ring Parts

and rubber bands
X 4 (or more-less) -  for the ramming rod
X 1 - for the trigger
X 1 (or more) - for the stopping power
Cool! <br>
<p>Sweet! It is very realistic!</p>
also if you could do mods that would be great
I like it but it is very flimsy and a little small
I wasn't annoying or a troll. I just offered helpful criticism without gushing over how amazing the gun is. I don't see why my comments were removed.
oh, wel if that the case then I apologise for the removal of you commant. its pritty hard to tell from no more then one comment if some one wants to help or wants to troll. I'f had a lot of poeple getting extreamly opset over the way I spell words. so I want to remove the mean from the nice before its too late. I misstuck you for an meany, where you just try'd to help. <br> <br>one tip thue, next time, try: oh that a pritty nice (insert random subject here), but my advice to you woud be... <br> <br>instead of: Meh, i don't like this, and I don't like that. so there, work on it.
hmm. interesting.
It looks like it will do its job. <br>But the aesthetics aren't that great. The handle looks really uncomfortable too.
I don't know what &quot;aesthetics&quot; means, but I vind the handel very comfortable myself. you can allwase re-shape it to your liking.
The aesthetics are how it looks. <br>The handle just looks uncomfortable to me, but it could be comfy to others :p <br>

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