Bolt-Action Rifle (B-AR)

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Introduction: Bolt-Action Rifle (B-AR)

This is a gun i came up with by myself.
The magezine is new (to my knowledge)
And i give credit to for the handle and trigger system to the dunkis' ak-74

Step 1: Trigger, Handle and Stock

pic 1-build
pic 2-just build stock and handle (sorry i lost the pic of just the stock and handle)
pic 3- connect

Step 2: Barrel

pic 1- build
pic 2- different angle
pic 3- build
pic 4- connect

Step 3: Fake Barrel

pic 1- build
pic 2- different angle

Step 4: Putting It All Together

pic 1- connect
pic 2- connect
pic 3- bi-pod, build
put bi-pod at front

Step 5: Elastic Bands

put the elastic bands on
pull back firing pin
open magezine
put 5 blue rods in and fire!



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    No offense but you need a ton of work on your gun building skills
    Start improving by
    A sturdy stock
    A removable mag
    A bottom fed mag and not a gravity fed mag
    And make it look realistic
    If you pick it up right now it would probably snap into
    Just sayin

    this instructable was published on my birthday

    i made this gun and i modded it and it looks like a sniper

    cool gun, does it work good? if it does then your awsome

    it's alrite, made it ages ago, the mag's good tho

    plz make better instructions

    i only meant the magezine is new which if someone else made, i did it on my own but is it still a decent gun, forgetting all the bolt-action stuff

    if this is your first gun then i guess i would call it okay

    It's not his first. It's his third, but he deleted his first gun.