Instructions ; https://www.instructables.com/id/Bolt-Action-Sniper-Rifle-1/This is sniper rifle that I have been working on for a while now. It has a magazine that holds 5 blue rods. It has a collapsible bi-pod, stock, scope, true trigger, and good looks!!! Hope you like it, I might make an instructable for it if enough people ask for it!!!
Looks great!
awsom but im guna have to w8 till my b day till i get more pices to build this but i cant w8!!!!!
nice gun i mostly like the bi pod<br>
czn u make an instructable for the bipod.?.?.?.?.?.?
what this instructable has to do with apple ????
Looks like the pin would DESTROY your hand.
i doesnt never happened to me
I'm sorry, but the pin is a diagonal white rod length away from your hand. Unless you are a midget, it would destroy your hand.
thats not where u hold tho
Still, you should redesign the handle and stock before you post.
im postin as we speak!!!! any way dis is how u hold it
that looks awkward.
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im double jointed so its comfy for me.
Hate to break it to you but, There's no such thing as double jointed.<br><br>Proof: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypermobility<br><br>Its called hypermobility and it can be weakened cartilage or a disease. lol rain on yo parade much
in that case, im hypermobile then
I'm double-jointed as well, but that looks like it's going to leave marks on your hands. By no means is that comfortable for me.
Yeah, I agree.
Holding a real rifle is kind of awkward too....
No it's not, real rifles are very cormfortable.
Nope. Not all of them.....
Most of them are, and you made a general statement about rifles, so it should be assumed that you meant most of them. If you had said <em>holding some real rifles is akward too</em>, I would have understood you immediately.<br/>
&nbsp;only if u were able not to notice how close it is... and btw... has n e 1 built a sniper with a detatchable clip..im having trouble trying to build 1????
i have.
umm the thing is everytime i make one teh mag/clip exploedes into a million peices after it comes loose.. lets the ronds out and i shoot.. the ram rod hits and .. yea..
show me a pic or sumthing, that was very confusing.
yea.. soz.. umm ill have to remake just a small but and post it soon... soz bout that :P
dude i agree with knexguy you need to alter the ram rod or change position of the handle because if u put too many 64 rubber bands on their it will catch ur hand and hurt,<br />
you hazzez waaaaaaaaaaay to much tape on your ram rod
No, I think I'll flag you.
not bolt action
wat does bolt action mean???
Look at my AR-4 v3, and you will see.
here is th instructable. Thats Right Its Done Allready!!!!!<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Bolt-Action-Sniper-Rifle-1/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Bolt-Action-Sniper-Rifle-1/</a><br/>
Sad face, it's not true bolt-action
Sorry, not a true bolt action =(<br/>
Its firing pin action.
Stop it now.
Im going to start the instructable today but i prob wont have it finished for a while as i am going away but ill try my best.:)
Looks nice, except the firing rod which is too close to the handle.
its not bolt action
POST! it looks wicked!

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