Bolt Action K'nex ACR





Introduction: Bolt Action K'nex ACR

Here are some pictures of my ACR replica.  It is true bolt action, so will fire hard and far, with removable, internal pusher magazines.  It also looks very accurate (although some dimensions have been slightly tweaked to gain the best performance from the weapon), and handles very well, although it is slightly front-heavy, due to the complex ramp mechanism for the bolt action coupled with a lightweight hollow stock.  The stock could be filled in to counterbalance the front-heaviness, but I have tried this and prefer the overall weight reduction to the perfect balance.  The iron sights are also very close to the actual weapon's.

The overall mechanism was taken from my F2000, however this has a working mechanical trigger (rather than the rather disappointing and botched string trigger than put so many off building it) and the location of the bolt in this design is much more practical and ergonomic than the F2000.  There is also a sophisticated mag release lever which can be operated without taking a finger off the trigger, as indicated in the slideshow.

To summarise, it is lighter, easier to handle, is easier to use, and is more accurate than my F2000.  It also has a trigger.

Yet again, some credit to Ironman69 for the mag pusher idea.



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    hey does anybody have an ible for the sights...thatd b kool of u to send a link

    hi, i know you probably got alot on your plate but im a complete loser and have nothing else better to do, so for the like 120th time, please hurry with the instuctions. Other than that, great gun, and when i build it im probably never going to tear it apart.

    MAKE AN INSTRUCTABLE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DX

    Post instructions for this man! It would be really nice if you did!

    Than who?


    There are tons of people wanting to build this gun! Please hurry up!

    i want to build it but there are no instructables


    Please hurry up I want To build this awesome gun!!!