Puzzles are around us everyday. This simple bolt and dowel puzzle is part of a larger category of puzzles called impossible bottles. Impossible bottles are puzzles such as a deck of cards or ship in a bottle. There is often some work that is done before presenting the puzzle to others. These bolts and dowel will leave the observer scratching their head wondering how seemingly simple objects appear as they do.

If you would like to know how to make this very simple bolt and dowel impossible bottle, you will need a few items and a little time.

Step 1: Thoughts and Planning

Since this type of puzzle is about the bottle just as much as it is about the bolts through the dowel, each puzzle will be different.

When planning your puzzle, keep in mind that the sum of the width of the dowel (5/8 inch for me) and the length of the bolt (3/4 inch for me) must be less than the width of the inside of the bottle. I selected my dowel based on the opening of the bottle then selected the bolts based on that decision. This is extremely similar to the bottle I used.

Before you proceed, I would encourage you to either mentally think how you would do this, or go out and do it yourself. What would you use? Water, magnets, toothbrush or floss?

Once you have thought about it - or if you just want to know how to stump your friends - read on for the process I used.

<p>This is my version, with only two screws and round bottle.</p>
<p>I love it! </p>
<p>Hello. Love this idea. Something to consider using is a strong magnet to line up the bolts and nuts. I say a big one for the bottom to hold all the extras out of the way. Then a smaller one to move everything around with. Could help you get them buggers to the neck easer. I'll have to try it when I get time to make one. </p>
<p>Whenever you try this let me know how it works out! I always thought that the magnetic fields would cause problems with the one you are trying to insert in the dowel. Share your result, I'd love to see it! </p>
<p>This is very cool!</p>
I saw your bottle instructable recently and had the opportunity to come across an empty bottle that had an interesting oval body. I thought it was a great candidate for the puzzle. I didn't have a suitable dowel, but I used some scrap copper pipe. Without having read your instructable, I was able to put my bottle bolt puzzle together in about 2 hours of using a magnet to steady the bolt on the curved interior of the bottle. A long flexible zip tie acted as the probe to spin the nuts. Since the copper tube was hollow, a small wooden dowel that was tapered could be sent down the tube to hold the bolt in place while the zip tie probe spun the nuts in place. It was a fun thing to do.
<p>That was interesting! Nice job.</p>
<p>Very interesting, another worthless piece of time wasting while on the job, I LOVE IT. Good job.</p>
<p>Using magnets would help</p>
<p>It looks like fun :) You should send one to Jason!</p>
<p>Never tried to put any thing into a bottle. I'm more of a bottle emptier (glug, glug!), but I really appreciate your art. Has anybody ever done a bottle inside a bottle? Or for that matter, a bottle inside a bottle, inside a bottle, inside a bottle...</p><p>And just how many times can you say bottle before it becomes just a weird noise you're making with your mouth?</p>
<p>I Like the inside work with the wires as tools... How about using longer bolts more believable with magnetized manipulating wire like tools? Then you can use larger bottles and make it more impossible to figure out like the expandable ships in a bottle. who would know without thinking outside the bottle to create inside...</p>
<p>You can definitely use longer bolts! The only restriction to bolt length is the size of the bottle and the width of the dowel. I covered this in Step 1. If you have a larger bottle than I had, you can use these same steps with longer bolts. </p>
Awesome idea!
Your ideas are awesome!!! Will definitely make this ☺☺
<p>Woah! Cool. I don't know how hard it is to turn the nut, but I would imagine filing little notches in the coat hanger or whatever might make it a bit easier.</p>
<p>I love it!</p><p>Nice work Troy :)</p>
<p>Cool. Are you guys having an impossible bottle competition?</p>
<p>No . . but maybe we should! </p>

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