In this project I am building a Bomb Disposal Robot conceptual model. I thought the idea of building a robot that can be sent into a totally dark room to retrieve an item like an explosive device and take it to a different location would be a good challenge. This robot will be controlled by a joystick. The robot will have lights and a video camera so the operator can control it with the joystick by looking at a computer display in a totally different location. This project is just a demonstration of the capability and not intended to retrieve any live ordinance.

This project will use the following technology

1. Bluetooth - the robot is controlled wirelessly with Bluetooth.

2. Wi-Fi - The video signal is broadcasted using Wi-Fi

3. Control - with the combination of the Wii controller and nunchuck we have motion control inputs, joystick, directional buttons and numerous push buttons to work with. We will use the Raspberry Pi to control this robot. We will program it with Python programming language using the CWiiD library and bluetooth library for the Wii controller.

4. PWM - Pulse width modulation is used to control the motor speeds and to control the camera servo.

5. Motor Drive Controller Board Module L298N Dual H Bridge - Used to control the robot motors

6. OWI-536 All Terrain 3-in-1 RC Robot Kit - ATR - robot used for track capabilities and grabber mechanism

Step 1: Videos of the Robot in Action

Notice how the view can be switched with the onboard camera from distant view to close up of the gripper.

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